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First SM Comp (Video)


Did my first comp this past weekend, had an absolute blast, lots of stuff to work on but I will be competing for a while. My friend made a vid for me so I figured I'd post it.


Good work. Looked like fun.


Everything was really good, but you got killed on the log. What happened?


Nice job.

As a side note, I'll never understand why some competitions allow straps on axle DL's. It kinda defeats the purpose of an axle.


OH pressing has always been a weakness, thats all that really happened. I dont have a log to train with either so that was my first time ever using one. Next comp I do that will improve.


nicely done. How did you place in the truck pull?


Good work. What was your weight for the competition?


I ended up placing first in the truck pull, it was very close though, a couple guys were tight, and tried to stand up and run with it and lost their balance.


My body weight was 227...Im working on getting to 240+ by september


Looked good mate!