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First Sleeve Tattoo, Want to Make it Right

‘Never hurts to asks’, my mother used to say. Or was it the father? Can’t recall - fuck him anyway… So I’m asking in the hopes that on an off chance someone around here would be so kind as to help me locate a higher resolution photo(s) of late Zyzz’s 3/4 sleeve tattoo.

This tattoo artist I’ve been speaking to wants to see HD pics of the whole Zyzz 3/4 sleeve tattoo before he commits to ink me with one like that.

Here are the best pics I have managed to find so far:

I may get trolled, made fun of, or worse for this thread, and that’s ok.

But please if you do have what I’m looking for, do get in touch. I’d love to buy you a coffee or an amazon giftcard or something. You’d make some silly young man’s day, that’s for sure.

Thank you!

Just outta curiosity, how old are you?

That’s a nice way of putting it hehe. I’ve just turned 34 and obviously I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

I have reasons though for this, which I won’t bother explaining on this gloomy Sunday morning. At this point all I’m trying to achieve is getting back to feeling normal like my old self

I’m asking because I’m 33 and Zyzz is old news for me. He was cool back when I was 23/24, and I’ll admit I looked up to him too back then. For as roided out as he was, he wasn’t that big or strong.

Looking forward to hearing more about what your old self was like though

my old self I mean like 5 days ago. It’s just that I don’t feel too good this week. Testing how far can I take it wih tren and at this point I’ve gone a bit too far. I even having troubles communicating in an efficient manner

Just as a general rule, copying someone else’s tattoo design & location is going to lead to you regretting the decision 1-3 years down the track.


appetite gone completely, sleep forget about it: a strip of diazepam with no tolarance does nothing. this went extreme

Heard that, agree with that. Like I said my case is different and I’ll gladly explain

but right now I’m just closing this thing and going anywhere I don’t know i feel i ive been taking cra\y pills

I will address all msgs later today, promise.

btw I love this forum :slight_smile:

Interesting phrase. I’ve heard it a lot over the years, usually when someone has relapsed or is about to. I like to ask them to flesh out what they mean with some detail.

Typically they’re wanting to feel smart, in control and secure in their direction, which a lot of people can relate to.

When I was getting high, I knew it was wrong. I knew it was going to kill me. But that was the fatal trap. I knew it. I felt secure in knowing I had a hand in the direction I was going, and I knew that X beers, a couple of these pills, etc would put me in this state, and there was comfort in that.

As an adult 17 years sober I wish I could feel that smart, in control, and comfortable again. Instead, I’m faced with a bunch of unknowns. Every day is like an intellectual blood bath of unknowns and not a guarantee to be found.

It’s fucking terrifying sometimes. But a lot of other times it’s pretty damn good. You just have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Now I have a loving wife who tells me things will be ok, and an amazing kid that seems to knock it out of the park with every swing. Stuff that is unpredictable, but amazing, and 100% worth it.


Why would you have the same tattoo as someone else? Aren’t you your own person? Did Zyzz really was this important for you to do this?

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Go see your doctor wave function for a chat, the internet isn’t a place for you at the moment.

Get well and good luck dude.