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First Simple Cycle, 2nd Week - Questions


Hey everybody,

I'm a 34 y/o male. Have been training for a couple of years, mostly doing cardio and calisthenics daily, with free weights as a non-regular practice. I'm in fairly good shape compared to most people my age, I assume I'm somewhere around 12% bf (upper abs clearly visible when flexing, lower belly fat hiding the rest...). My diet is not 100% spot on, but I have a very good idea on what macronutrients to go for, and it tends to be high protein/medium fat/low carbs.

I've been toying with the idea of trying a simple testosterone cycle, not really aiming at achieving a bodybuilders' physique, but allured by the idea of having extra energy, elevated mood, a chance to cut to lower body fat % without losing muscle and the improved sex drive. my goal would be to achieve a leaner physique and putting on 2 or 3 kg of muscle.

I read a lot about steroids in general and went ahead and purchased my stuff from a reputable (as far as I could tell reading reviews) source.

I got: test-e vials, anastrazole, tamoxifen and hcg.

after much hesitation due to being a gigantic pussy, I finally pinned 250mg of test-e last saturday.
I had planned to stay on test only for a while so as to see how my body reacted to it, which is also why I kept the dose low and not go to 500mg. I've read of many people that start taking anastrozole right away, but I wanted to know what I was reacting to by keeping it simple.

This first week went by with no big changes. I did have a noticeable improved mental focus at day 3 and beyond, a bit more energy and some mood improvement, but it could very well be placebo. I did notice my joints being more "relaxed" so to speak, and waking up with little or no pain from recent gym sessions, recovery time has become faster so it seems, but my strength hasn't gone up.

Yesterday I pinned my second 250mg. I haven't noticed any side effects so far. bloating is a standard for me, I tend to wake up everyday with that, so I'm sure it's not the test. I have no puffy nipples and haven't been particularly moody or anything else yet.

My questions are: should I start taking anastrazole? Will it quicken the effects of Test-e, since estrogen would be in a lower ratio to test? isn't it a bit overkill at such a low dose of test-e? should I forget about the anastrazole and just keep the tamoxifen close by if I notice any sides?I haven't noticed any sex drive improvements yet, but I suppose it's still early on. I plan to cycle for 10 weeks and do my second one with higher test-e levels if I don't react badly to this one.

last, but not least: is hcg overkill too at this low test-e dose? I really want PCT to be as smooth as possible, and I plan on having kids in the next few years, so this is obviously important to me at the moment.

Thanks for reading this boring wall of text, any input will be appreciated.


You will still be shutdown as long as what you’re taking exceeds your natural production level. The amount itself makes no difference.

And use your AI. NOW.


250mg a week is not going to blow your doors off. I would shorten your cycle to 8 weeks given your goals. You will get a chance to feel things out. Part of this 8 weeks cycle should be zeroing in on your AI dosage. Truth is you would probably be ok not taking your AI, but this is a mistake. If you ran 250mg a week long term like a cruise or TRT you would want to take it and if you take a real cycle amount you will need it.

hCG is not a requirement but it would be ideal. KSman has been active on this forum and suggesting low dose SERM(Nolva) to kind of do the same thing hCG does. In a nutshell keep your testes turned on. The idea being if you never get turned off recover is cake.

I cruise on 250mg a week, take a low dose AI (I seem to be pretty sensitive so my advice is start low and get bloodwork) and I have been taking 20mg Nolva EOD. I feel great.


thanks to both of you for your replies.

Regarding the anastrazole dosage, you said something about starting low. I have read a lot and there are obviously no definitive answers, but the general ballpark seems to be 1mg divided in a weeks’ time, so you would take roughly 0.25mg EOD. That’s what I’ve seen, but for 500mg of test-e a week cycles. Should I take 0.125 of anastrazole since I’m on half of the “normal” cycle dosage?

also, do you happen to remember what was the dosage for using nolva for anti-shutdown purposes? If I can get away with less injecting stuff, I’d be very happy.

I think cutting the cycle short to 8 weeks might also be smart. thanks for the idea.