First sign of the apocolypse

Man has lost his greatest power. . . . . the lone ability to pee standing up. On Tough Crowd they were showing a new carboard tube women can now use to pee standing up. This is a real product.

On another note there was one hell of a great quote:

In a dictatorship you get to vote for one person; in a democracy, you only get to vote for 2.


In the US, you can vote for whomever you want. You just write their name in. And, anyone can get on the voting machines with a prescribed number of signatures on a petition. For instance, Ralph Nader will change from being a write in to a balloted candidate in Texas if he gets 66,000 signatures by May 10. 4 years ago, he was balloted in 44 states.

Yeah, what’s with 2? In Canada there have been like 4 parties to vote for.

man…that product (in plastic form) has been around for YEARS…to make life easier on female campers/adventure racers etc…lighten up.

In Canada there are as many parties are people who organize one. The last election I voted in had (if I remember correctly) Liberal, PC, NDP, Green Party, Canadian Alliance, Marijuana Party, Women’s Party, Marxist-Lennonist Party and Communist Party on the ballot.

The U.S. has many parties on the ballot – it’s just no one wants to vote for them so they don’t win anything, and in the presidential races they receive no electoral votes.

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