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First Sign of Gyno?

This is my first cycle. I’m 42 and Im severely paranoid about everything that is going on with my body at this time. I decided to try Test Cyp Wk 1: 300, wk: 2 400, wk 3: 450, wk 4 500. then 500 from here till the end for a 10-12 week cycle.

My nipples have been hard and mostly irritated form rubbing against my shirt. went to the Doc. said he did not feel any lumps he was not concerned at this time about me developing gyno. are hard nips the start of Gyno or can I have hard nips through cycle and never develop Gyno. thanks for the help.
Anybody else here trying AAS fo rthe first time at 40+?

Well i do have gyno the first thing i noticed,was that my niiples were swollen.
You will have fiberous tissue behind the nipple which will push them forward.

I push back gently above and under the nipple with two fingers massaging,inward if it’s gyno you should feel a fiberous lump behind the nipple that will push them forward making them look swollen.

If you dont i very seriously doubt its gyno.

How long have you been injecting?

thanks for the reply. I’m trying to stay calm about this first cycle. I feel so un-educated, even with as much as I read before starting

[quote]icehead wrote:
can I have hard nips through cycle and never develop Gyno. [/quote]

Yes. Gyno phobia is very real to be sure. Statisically you would be in the very, very smallest minority of guys to get it on a dosage of 500mg of Test a week or less. Having said that it does happen and it always is best to be prepared. Getting yourself some a-dex and some nolva should be in order. You likely won’t even need them on cycle. But if you happen to be that one in thirty guys who gets gyno from 500mg a week you’ll be glad you were prepared.