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First Show Next Year, Planning 2 Cycles

It’s men’s physique (please withold jokes about board shorts, etc…)
I am finishing my first inj run of test @ 650 a week. Soo, mid summer would be time for a bulker. I’m looking to run test e @ 800 a week and dbol @ 30 ed. I am considering low dose npp also.
I have no competition experience so I am unsure if I should be at the tail end of cutting cycle or fully recovered when I compete. I am again certain on test and an oral(prop and winny) 750 a week and 60mg ed. Unsure abouting adding masteron. Tren does not interest me although the results would likely be ideal. I would really appreciate advice if anyone has any to give.
I will use hcg 250 iu e3d. Arimidex was almost useless controlling gyno so I will be using aromasin and will have letro on hand.
My bp is hard to control so I use alot of herbal support supps and milk thistle/udca/liv.52 while on orals, etc. pct: clomid, daa, etc…
I’m 33 6’3 230lbs. Low teens bf right now. Thanks…

Im sure telling the date of the show could help

They just came through on Saturday, so I am planning on roughly a year from now. No clue what the date is yet… I’m just getting a basic outline of the AAS part of it together. Took me 4 months to pay for my first cycle with all proper ancillaries, hcg, ai’s etc, so I want to get a head start on purchasing these 2 cycles. Also researching training/nutrition part of training for a show.