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First Show 3 Days Out


Take into consideration these photos are at the end of the day at the end of sodium/water load
and yes yes i know i forgot to hit the legs in the front double bicep


front double


what are you weighing in at? any measurements? also you look kind of like neil patrick harris, that might work against you.


weight in those pics is about 175 waist is 28 thighs are 26 arms 17 calves 15 chest 44


Hmm I dont know if I would do a show if I were you just yet but then again I dont even know what kinda show your doing. But thats just my opinion and I know nothing after all. But I would only ever step on a stage myself if I knew I was my absolute best and was totally confident in my success. Hence why I never will compete.


Rock on and do your first show to get your experience. It takes a lot to get up there and do one. I do think that you need to be a lot leaner. Post some pics of the show though and let us know how you did. Good luck.


Props for doing the show, like other posters are mentioning you're likely not in "ideal" contest condition. Treat this as a learning experience and go back and kill it next year.


That is like 12 weeks out conditioning. Personally I would not do the show but to each their own. Best of luck.


Certainly not a bad physique, but yeah, you're a good several weeks out from anything near 'contest' level conditioning. I will give props as well for getting onstage, it's certainly mentally demanding. Not sure 'bout your measurements though.... I weigh 174.6 lbs with 17" arms onstage, and you and I look quite a bit different in our front double bicep shots.

Curious how you did in the show, as well as any future progress.



lol at 17" arms


He's 6'7 :stuck_out_tongue: