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First Shot Question


Hey guys i just started my first cycle its sus250 for 10-12 weeks followed by 4 weeks pct after 3 weeks have passed since my last injection, i was just wondering i did my first shot yesterday and i got abit of pain and discomfort in my leg does that mean that my stuff is probably real and not fake?


It doesn't matter whether you have pain or not. Generally the pain is from BA content, or numerous other factors. Plus you have virgin muscle, so it should be sore.

You can't tell whether it is real or not based on pain. As a matter of fact, the best stuff I have ever used is 100% painless.

I have also used some painful stuff that worked exactly the same, except I hurt for a few days after every shot.


oh ok thanks alot for the help :slight_smile:


How much cc are you injecting?

Make sure the muscle is relaxed, clean the spot with an alcohol tissue, inject with a smooth motion, aspirate and inject slowly. Take your time (I take about 30-45 seconds per cc).

You put oil and BA into your muscle, you think you'd feel something?

After some injects the pain goes away. Virgin muscle like BigSkwatta stated.