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First Set of Straps. Just a question or two


I've started to deadlift a little bit and with the heavier weights I'm finding out that my grip strength is pretty much just shitty. So while I'm going to work on that, I thought that I would get a set of straps so that I can still lift heavy. Thing is, I have no idea what to look for. I figured if I bought from EFS I couldn't go to wrong so I started there and learned a few things just from reading the product information.

The ones I was looking at getting were the Orange Stripe 1.5" Wrist Straps. I figured the 1.5" would be better for me because I have smaller wrists. Am I right or wrong? Also, I saw that they were 26" long. To me, that sounds excessive but I'm sure it's just ignorance on my part. Anyone care to give me the low-down on straps and what makes them good or bad?


I like the blue elite straps. Maybe only 1" wide but better than the wide APT straps they replaced. Blue ones are thinner in thickness as well as width and that makes setting up easier. I also have skinny wrists and prefer the thinner width strap.


Go to sports authority and buy a $2 pair of cotton straps to make sure you like them and test them out before you pay for an expensive pair and shipping.


I like my Sew Easy straps from Ironmind. Don't have to fiddle with them much on the setup, and bailing on a lift is as simple as letting go of the bar.


i still use cotton straps after about 2 years... tried my buddies cloth/rubber ones and i still prefer cotton straps. takes a bit of getting used to as far as getting them on to the bar (curling of wrist, etc) but after you get used to it u'll see that $30 straps and $4 straps are basically the same thing... i wouldn't get into the whole "rubber grip on one side for super grip!" reviews... straps are straps...



Show me a pair of $4 straps with kevlar or nylon reinforcement.

I used to go through a pair of cotton straps in about a month from deadlifting and shrugging.

I bought APT straps double layered with nylon reinforcement for $20. Theyve lasted over a year.

Shitty cotton straps are a complete waste of money unless all the bars you use have a smooth rubber grip that wont rip the straps.


never had a problem with mine... then again ure prolli lifting much more than me... but for someone just beginning to deadlift etc... i don't see a problem with $4 straps...


No problem at all. Straps are straps. Cheap ones will rip, thats all


I think I'm gonna just get the set from EFS. Since I am just starting to deadlift, they will last a while and be well worth having a quality set to work with. I've never been big on buying cheap stuff.


Always better to fork out the cash and buy top quality. That way, you'll only be disappointed once.


Yeah, my suggestion was purely a "test drive the cheap model, because if you don't like it no harm no foul" and then go buy the nice expensive pair.


See, I've tried that before with some shitty specialty ratchets and hated them so much. Then somewhere down the road, I tried a quality made set and loved it. It's just easier to buy somthing decent and try it out. If you don't like it, sell it.


I love these, mine are the 2" version which felt a bit odd to start with, they are soft and comfortable.