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First Set Last and High Rep Work Advice


Hey guys, I would like some advice with the 5/3/1 FSL.

I am training for powerlifting, and 5/3/1 has been working out extremely well with the strength challenge, but I would like to add more volume into my training in terms of higher rep work as well as focus on addressing my weaknesses in the main lifts and getting more power/explosiveness.

I would like to continue the 5/3/1 strength template (3s in week 1 and 5s in week 2) and add FSL Multiple Sets.

I would like my assistance work to focus my weak points: pause benches, deficit deadlifts, pause squats, but I would also like to keep the higher rep work of FSL.

Which is better:
2x10 of FSL and then a 3x3-5 FSL pause bench/squat?


1xAMRAP FSL and 4x3-5 FSL pause bench/squat.

Also, can I do my deficits as I would the pause squat/bench as FSL or should they be separate assistance work?

General questions:

â??Yes, your TM goes up after each cycle and eventually you will not be able to hit the required reps and have to reset.â??

In order to reset my TM I have to hit a new 1RM right? I donâ??t just randomly bring the weights down or anything?

â??Remember that at NO time would you ever not go for a PR on the last set of the 5/3/1 work sets.â??

Would that be a new 1RM, a rep PR with TM or a rep PR with 95%?



Do the one for 6 weeks, then do the other for six weeks. In 12 weeks you'll have a better answer than we could ever give you.

After deadlifts I do SLDL 5x10. The final two sets are off 25lb and 45lb bumpers.

I do something similar with pause squats (pause the final two volume sets).

I pause all my bench reps.

You won't always be able to set new 1RMs... particularly after a successful peak.

Reset when you can no longer make the minimum reps. Alternatively, you can reset following 5/3 (5 forward, 3 back).

It would be on the 5+, 3+ or 1+ set.

Basically, don't just do minimal reps on the + sets so that you leave gas in the tank for Jokers or FSL.