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First Serious Bulk - How Do My Macros Look?


Hahaha, this turned out even worse than I expected… I’ll take what advice there is to heart, though.


I only say this in regards to my desire to stay lean while putting on mass. Studies have been done that show that an individual who resistance trains and is active actually has a faster metabolic rate while sleeping as opposed to resting during the day. I suggest giving the body carbs and protein in the morning to get you out of a catabolic State, again before your workout for fuel, and again post workout to replenish your glycogen stores. Going to bed when your not topped off on glycogen gives your body the opportunity to work on fat. Similar concept to intermittent fasting. I know there are many ways to approach this but it’s worked well for me.


@jackolee I actually already posted that schedule in Pharma earlier this week. iron_yuppie thinks it sounds fine. There’s currently an AI shortage, but more is on the way. I have little concern about any of that.


The guy is trying to gain weight. A surplus is a surplus. Also planning your carb timing to optimize sleep induced fat burning sound highly inefficient.


Complete hijack and derailing.

Man you should see some of my old food journals when I do Lyle’s UD 2.0. on carb load days. EPIC. I once did over 1K grams of carbs from honey bunches of oats and almond milk in a day. Yup, 3 boxes. And that was only 2/3 of my carbs for the day haha.


I have done both of lyle McDonald’s diets in the past. Both ud2.0 and rapid fat loss, so I definitely know what you’re talking about lol


Even if you were 5’2, you have no business getting on AAS at 155 when you have no idea about basic nutrition. And I have no idea why you bothered to cut down to 145.

Forgot where in this subforum I saw this, but a guy basically recommended to calculate your calories, then 20-25% calories come from fat, with 9 calories per 1g of fat. 1g of protein per lb bodyweight (I personally dont do this, but this seems to work for most people), and fill the rest up with carbs.

You’re too old to be having issues fitting vegetables into your diet. Just eat them first and eat everything else.


I have nothing to contribute that hasn’t already been said, other than this being one of the greatest sentences I’ve read in quite a while. Truly, it’s in ‘conjugate with lions’ territory.


Okay, now I need to know what this is


“I only travel and conjugate with the lions, I’m not a sheep.”


Can’t unread that now.


I think everyone has pretty much covered it at this point, but your main takeaway should be that you’re getting bogged down in unimportant details while ignoring the elephant in the room. And that elephant is the fact that you weigh 150 lbs. That just sucks, man. After 8 years of lifting? I’d have quit lifting a long time ago if I was you.

When I started lifting, I weighed about 125. I hit a lean 150 within a year of lifting. I’m currently a bit over 200, still very lean. Same height as you. Your diet is clearly the issue. I can promise you that when I was trying to go from, say, 150 to 180 lbs, I wasn’t asking the nuanced questions you asked here. I drank a ton of whole milk, ate lots of pasta and rice, vegetables all day, and lean meats with every meal. I highly recommend some dietary variety. And eating meat more than once per day.


I’ll mirror the opinion of eating more. In 5 years of lifting at 5’6 I’ve gone from 142lbs to 183lbs at my heaviest (just under 180 right now). I’ve always had a big appetite, came from a distance running background of putting in 45-70 miles a week year round, you gotta eat to keep that up.

My first serious bulk I put on 23lbs in 19 weeks, never counted calories or macros, just weighed myself once a week and if it didn’t go up after 2 weeks I’d eat more. Details may be more important on special sports supplements to keep your organs healthy but as others have said you have much bigger picture things to think about when it comes to gaining weight.

I’d look into podcasts featuring Broderick Chavez and Mike Israetel on massing, they made very convincing arguments on keeping fat low, protein moderate/low and carbs through the roof. I’m currently on a high carb bulk, heaviest I’ve ever been and leaner than when I bulked on peanut butter. They also mention differences for naturals and enhanced lifters.