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First Self Made Routine, Advice More Than Welcome

Hello guys ! This would be/is my routine.
I tried some of them 5x5, full body, etc
Anyway after reading A lot i decided trying to make my routine.
It would look something like this.

Monday > Pull Day
Tuesday > Push Day
Wedensday > Rest Day
Thursday > Leg Day
Friday >Rest Day
Saturday >Pull Day
Sunday >Push Day
Monday >Rest Day
Tuesday >Leg Day
Wedensday >Rest Day
And so on …

Rest between sets 3x8 is 2 min , 4 min before new workout
Rest between sets 3x15 is 1 min , 2 min before new workout

Pull day
Deadlift 3x8 125 kg
Lat Pulldown 3x8 55 kg
Barbell Shrug 3x15 25 kg
Dumb Revrs Fly 3x15 7.5 kg
Barbll Curl 3x15 20kg

Notice for Push day i dont do thing like flys,dips… since i am still recovering from costochondritis >.>

Push day
Bar Bech Press 3x8 70kg
Incline Dumb Bench Press 3x8 22.5kg(each dumbell)
Seated Overhead Dumb Press 3x8 20kg(each dumbell)
Tricep Overhead Dumbell 3x15 17.5 kg (two handed)

Leg Day
Back Squat 3x105 kg
Leg Press 3x105 kg
Standing Calve Raises 3x8 80Kg
Lunges 3x8 24kg( each kettebell)

Any advice would be helpful.
My only question is … should i go to failure every set or just make thoose 8/15 reps?

For the sake of argument, lets assume that that’s a perfectly good week 1. What are you going to do different in week 2?

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I would have liked to see some rows somewhere in the programming. Maybe instead of the barbell shrugs, since shrugging 25kg will be completely pointless. Maybe 125 kg would have made more sense, in the context of what all the other numbers look like. I also don’t like deadlifting in a rep range that high every week. There is value in deadlifting heavy for low reps for just about everyone.

On that note, there’s absolutely no low rep work in this program at all. I may be biased, but SOME low rep work, in the 5 rep range or less, should be programmed for a beginner. Not necessarily every week, but it should be incorporated. That’s why dagill’s question is important. Is this meant to be done every week just like this, or will you provide for set/rep variations?

It absolutely fascinates me that so many beginners want to reinvent the wheel. There are so many good programs out there, suited to meet any goal, and yet beginners think they know better than the experts. It’s comical.

Every beginner should spend at least a few years running pre-written programs before they start programming for themselves, or training by intuition.

I was planning to use that

I was planning to do that “rythm” for a month or two

I did tried 5x5 starting strength and got costcho so i am not really eager to jump into 5 reps again currently i was almost out for 1 year bcs of it and i am still not healty(at full power)

I got bored of making this point, although I totally agree with it. It seems people want professionals to do things for them in every area of life except this one.

So in 2 months you still intend to be doing 3 x 8 105kg back squats etc.?

what about the program caused you to have this problem that you suffered from for a year? I’ve never heard of such a thing happening simply because a particular program was used.

I was using stronglift 5 x 5 and i developed costo

You didn’t answer my question. Why was it the program’s fault?

kinda depends in my opinion. I think if you are trying to get stronger (like the OP is in this situation) then yeah; get on an established program.

For bodybuilding purposes I don’t think it’s as important and you can do pretty much what you like.

Flip, I’d say you nailed this one.

To add to that, OP, there needs to be some plan for progression in a program. If you don’t have a plan about where you’re going and what you want to achieve, it’s not a program: it’s a routine. A routine is fine for maintaining what you have, but by not having any plan to progress, you are planning to not progress.

I love programming my own stuff, but it’s taken years to be able to do it right. I’m sure I still have a lot to learn too. This is why everybody recommends running an established program right now.

Yeah x3 just get on a proven program.
If want to do a split look up kingbeef thread and get on one of the heavier templates

I havent said it was programs fault i got it during 5 x 5

I want to get strong but i have a “brake in my brain since i developed costcho” i needed a lot time to recover and i still cant do some shoulder workouts,dips,flys so i cant really follow some programms

I didnt express myself good. Anyway everytime i would hit example 3x8 105 kg squat i would add 5 kg so i would try 3 x8 110 kg example ,then i would try to improve

Errr i want to get till some stats like my bodyweight bench which would be 90 kg, 1.5x bodyweight squat about 135 and 2.0 x deadlift 180 kg.
After getting good amount of strength i would like to stay there and then improve endurance going like from 3x8>4x8 sets

ty for your advice

^that’s blaming the program. also, creating your own program is blaming the old program.

Do whatever you want man, I’m sure you’ll be fine.

I’m sorry brother I honestly have no idea what you mean by “a brake in my brain” and I don’t know what costcho is either.