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First Rookie Strongman Comp Training


Right I signed up for a rookie strongman comp (September) just to have fun and try it out and see if I’ll be interested in competing more often.
There will be probably a full Deadlift max, log, car pulling and Yoke or stone carrying.
So this is the program I thought about to follow until the comp, I’d love to read your opinions

Block Pull (below knees) 3-5rm
Speed Deadlift 5x2
High rep back work (rows, Lat pull down etc)

Ohp 3-5rm
Log clean and press (technique) 5x2
High rep assistance (Incline dB bench, rear delt flys, Tricep extensions etc)

Box Squat with low bar or SSB 3x5/5x3
High rep leg assistance (Sldl, leg curls, leg press)

DAY 4 (don’t go heavy, just do as many trips as possible for 20 meters in 60 seconds, trying to be fast)
Sled pull
Farmers walk


First things first: Congrats on signing up for your first comp. People rarely regret doing a strongman competition.

Those are some cool events. Is the log for reps or also for max?

I won’t comment on your training plan too much since my deadlift is shit and there are people who are more qualified to give advice on this.

I’ll rather ask some questions so people can answer more adequately and you can maybe give more inside into why you chose what you did.

  1. Why the heavy emphasis on block pulls if the comp deadlift is from standard height (if I understood ‘full deadlift’ right)? Do you know from experience that this builds your deadlift?
  2. What kind of progression are you using? Until September is a long time, you have plenty of room to run full programs.
  3. Why are you going heavy on the ohp but not the log? Wondering since this is the competition lift. I am sure some people will vastly disagree but I think specificity is king.
  4. For moving events I think it is best to put an emphasis on speed over weight. Train fast to be fast. If neither pick nor grip is an issue, I personally think it isn’t necessary to even hit comp weight or more in training but rather stay fast and perfect technique and turns if there will be any.


Do you mean as many 20m trips every minute until you can’t make it? Like a beep test?


My old training regimen was Push/Pull/Leg&Abs 3 days split for gym work, then a strongman focused 4-5hr “competition day” on Sundays. You should feel like you got hit by a mack truck after your sunday workout.

Sunday instead of gym stuff we just picked a bunch of strongman lifts you would find in competition and did those. So maybe one week we would do tire flip, yoke, farmers, stones. Next week we would swap some exercises out for others, but we pretty much ALWAYS did farmers for a warm up and stones at the end.

Focus on overhead stuff in the gym instead of bench press, but do not completely ignore benching. Compound movements are your friends, your gym days should look like a powerlifting/olympic lifting routine. I would cut out the high rep stuff, and stick with high weight in the 4-8 rep range. Grip training should also be a priority.


I honestly don’t like anything about this program. It doesn’t make sense for the events you’re expecting, and it’s just not a smart training template in general. I’d scrap it entirely.