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First roid cycle was a bust

I did an eight week cycle of Sustanon 250 three years ago when I was 21. I took 250mgs for two weeks, 500 for four, then back down to 250 for the last two weeks. I ate a ton of quality food and trained like a bastard, but I didn’t notice shit! My buddy did the same thing and didn’t see shit for results either. Could someone tell me why, and what would be a more potent choice for my next cycle?

First off the your sust might have been nothing more than oil in a vial. You should check some references on your source. Secondly you wasted 4 weeks with diamond tapering. There is absolutely no reason to taper. Its always better to start and end without any tapering. At any rate if you can get some more sust, if it’s real, try Brock’s gramabol cycle. I.E. one gram of testorone a week.

It was fake bro…you got burned!!

If the package had rounded corners, then it was fake. It is supposed to have sqaure corners.

Mike, first of all you don’t need the taper up and down. You waste your cycle that way. After two weeks your body notices that you are getting more than what you need, so it stops production or just matches what you are missing. It is always better to front load with higher dosages. (like the grammabol cycle suggests).Half life for sustenon is about 7 days. So, you only have 125mg at the end of the week. The next week you have 325mg but at the end of that week only 125mg again. You bumped to 500 which gave you 625mg at the beginning of the week and ended with 250mg. I won’t keep going here, but you see my point. You need to either take 250mg for long periods of time to see any results, and then expect only a modest gain of maybe 10lbs after 16 weeks. Or you could take double that for the same time period and expect 20lbs. Another factor, though not likely, is that your gear was fake. Sustenon redi-jects are hard to counterfeit. If you got it without being sealed in its foil packet, you probably got taken. Its easy to just remove the rubber tip, dump it into another container and fill with oil. Oh, and if Cy reads this, he might correct me on the half life of sustenon. It has various testosterone types and some are used up within the first couple of days. So, it might only have an average half life of only 4-5 days.