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First Roid Cycle, Opinions Anyone?

Okay, so I’m preparing myself for slander after this one, because almost undoubtably someone will have a problem with this post… But anyway. I’m planning on doing my first cycle in about 3-4 weeks. I plan on running it like this.

weeks (1-8)500mgs of Testosterone Enanthate; 250 mgs mon,250 mgs thurs

weeks (1-8) Arimidex .50mgs eod

weeks (8-10) Nolvadex 20 mgs everyday.

First things first, I would like to have some experienced users tell me what they think, it seems every site I go to, theres a slew of different advice on how to cycle for a first time user. ( I decided to go only 8 weeks since it was my first time, instead of a traditional 10.)

Secondly, what does anyone think of runing arimidex .5mgs every other day. I’ve seen people reccomend .25mg-1mg everyday to 1mg eod, and everything inbetween. I read somewhere it’s active for 48 hours, so I’m wondering if runing it eodat only .5mgs would be beneficial(fiscally as well as effectivlly)

Well, that’s all I have to say, any constructive critisism would be appreciated.

I wouldn’t run arimidex unless you need it, you’ll tell if you feel like a water bag, same with nolva. The Test-E (500mg) is perfect for you first Cycle, but so should run it for 10 weeks your going to kick yourself in the ass later for not running it 10. PCT week 13,14,15,16 clomid 100mg/week13, 50,50,50 and Nolva 40,40,20,20 for the same weeks.

First, many will say it doesn’t matter but I like inject EOD, even with enan. I get less sides that way.

Second, an AI is basically only needed if you are prone to sides. I don’t use them ever, but I don’t dose high enough to need one.

Third, wait 10 days after your last injection and then start the Nolvadex. Some may say you need more than two weeks. I say, use it until you achieve the desired effect and then taper off.

You dont really need arimidex or nolva period specialy in your dosages and the gear your using.

You need some Estrogen to actualy make muscle and Arimidex is powerfull and does its job, i dont see how any aromatose problems should be occuring. I mean your not doing an insane amount of gear just a moderate amount of test. So your fine, also do a good full first cycle do around 14 weeks if your doing it do it right.
After your last shot about a week later start popping Nolvadex.

Yeah, the only reason I think I might need arimidex is because I have a slight case of pubesant gyno, obviously I don’t want to make it worse. And I hae enough test e to last ten weeks, so mayb eI’ll go ahead with a 10 week cylce. I guess thers no point to just have it sitting in a tube.

yea, and if you need to use something use Just Nolva. If a slight problem occurs like pain in the nipple, then use more or use that Arimidex. Its just using this stuff greatly inhibits gains especialy when not needed. idk make your choice

thanks for the advice man.