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First Real Steroid Cycle


let me first state my stats:
age 25
weight 240 (around 20% bf)
height 6'
550 squat, 235 strict (standing, no leg drive) ohp
don't dead because of a blown disc in my back

i was thinking
weeks 1 - 12 test e 250mg e3d
weeks 1 - 3 dbol 50mg ed
weeks 10-14 tbol 50mg ed
standard nolva pct (40/40/20/20)
goals are to get my squat and ohp as high as possible

nolva on hand in case of gyno, but due to my preavious cycle exp i don't think it'll be necessary - i did 80mg dbol for 6 weeks without any estrogen problems


I would run the dbol all the way through.

A slightly different cycle would be: frontload with a 1.5 grams of test the first week, then use 750mg per week until the end of the cycle. Lower the dbol to 30mg per day.

Also, I would start with a low dose adex. Estrogen sides can take time to appear, sometimes longer than 6 weeks. It might not be necessary, but it's not harmful.


i'm trying to avoid adex because the only available to me is insanely expensive (the price of my entire cycle + pct is less than would be for adex)
i don't mind getting some bloat (i'm fat anyway so it doesn't show)
and know for a fact that i don't get any gyno problems from 80mg dbol ed

what do you mean by running dbol all the way?
you mean from weak 1 to pct?
i'd love to do that (makes me feel like god), but aren't orals bad for the liver if used for so long?


Are you doing the cycle for strength and athleticism, or to try to look better, or both? Estrogen could give you a better pump and increase strength. But, even if your main concern isn't your appearance, I'd recommend you keep estrogen low.

Adex is very cheap if you can order it from certain places. Use google and other forums.

If you really can't get adex, you could switch to 50mg tbol and take 250mg test with 250mg of something like deca.

Yeah, I meant take the dbol from week 1 to pct. Try to avoid taking medications that stress the liver and drink lots of water. Compared to other medications that people regularly take, like antibiotics, 12 weeks of dbol shouldn't be too dangerous. You have to be careful with it though.

That's also why I suggested taking a lower dose of dbol and increasing the testosterone. I tend to think the daily dosage makes more of a difference than the length of the cycle (within reason).


And yet again. You think wrong.

I'll start using the "report post" button if you keep posting dumbass shit.


mainly strength and size, appearance not so much
i'm perfectly aware that the best think for my appearance would be if i lost some fat and shaved my back
yes, the research chemical adex is very cheap, but i'm not from the us and our customs sieze any such pharmaceuticals

do you have any suggestions about my cycle?


Agreed. I don't know if this guy is a troll or genuinely ignorant, but these posts are dangerous if someone takes them seriously.


For the sake of recovery Id shorten it. Personal prefeence

Id frontload the test regardless of cycle length. Orals are fine.


appreciate your opinion, how may weeks of test do you suggest?
10? (so that pct starts at wk13 instead of wk15)
i was also thinking of replacing the standard pct with a test taper..any suggestions regarding that?
(again based on previous exp of nolva making me feel like shit...my previous cycle exp has been added to the end of this post)

regarding frontloading...should i just do the standard first shot = double dose (so that i shoot 500mg of test for my first shot)

anyway, whatever my choices are in the end i'll report back with my results to this thread (kinda like a log, but a bit less detailed)

my preavious cycle exp:
1x anavar only cycle (now believe that it was faked and replaced with winnie instead)
30mg per day 8 weeks, during a cut, made my joints hurt, didn't really give me any strength, but i't did prevent loss of strength
my joints were painful by week 5
did nolva for my pct at 40/20
intended to do 40/20/20 but started to feel really depressed by week 2 of pct, read online that depression is one of the possible sides of nolva, so i cut my pct short, as i never even felt very suppressed

a few months after that i took some nolva for a few days to test my theory and it did make me feel depressed

1x dbol only cycle, 6 weeks 50mg ed, no pct
really loved this one, was making linear gains like a beginner during it
made me feel like a god while on, too bat it's liver toxic otherwise i would have stayed on forever
didn't get any sides except very painful shin pumps if running and some lower back pumps (didn't bother me much because i train mostly in rep ranges below 5)
taurine helped with the lower back pumps, but not with the shin pumps
also, my lats and upper back felt pumped all the time which was a fun feeling
kept about 75% of the strength gained, don't know about mass, but other than the water i didn't lose much
honesly i think much of their bad reputation comes from kids doin them while eating and training like shit

1x tbol only cycle, 50mg ed, 3 weeks, no pct
basically like the dbol without the great feeling
got injured (non lifting related) so i stopped
still have some tbol left, this is why i'm including it in my original cycle