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First real overhead press in 8 months


I was finally able to do a barbell overhead press tonite. I did 5x5. I kept it fairly light. I know it's gonna take quite a while to get back to where I was lifting wise, but it's a start. I'm in no hurry. I waited long enough just to get back to this point. It felt good and my shoulder is not hurting 3 hours later. Some may remember the "shoulder thread".

I've spent the last 4-5 months doing rotator cuff exercises to strengthen the shoulder girdle. About 2 months ago I started using light dummbells. I made some changes to my training and am starting a different training regimen. I was supersetting the OH presses with weighted pullups (tonite was vertical push/pull).

I try to keep my grip narrow or neutral on pullups, lat pulldowns and even benching. This seems to take any undue pressure/stress off the shoulder.


Congrats to you! That was a good idea to be conservative - they aren’t handing out new shoulders anywheres these days.

Something I’m going to try - increasing volume on the pulling exercises to maybe balance out the shoulders. It’s been 1:1 of late (1 push rep per 1 pull rep) and I’d like to make it 1:1.5 or thereabouts.