First Real Cycle

hey Guys just looking for some input, i guess you could say this is my first REAL cycle i messed around with some winnie last year but thats about it.
i will be running 100mg test prop EOD pins along with t3 ramping up and down 25mg 5 days 50mg 5 days 75 mg 10 days and then ramping down for a total of 25 days. ( dont want to be on t3 too long for a first timer). upon completion of the T3 i will be running clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. plan on cycling test prop for a total of 8 weeks was thinking 12 but better to be on the safe side.
typical pct Nolva and clomid 4 weeks.
145-150 pounds
13-14% BF

I realize im small but i was chubby as a kid and lost it all and still have some stubborn fat on my lower back and abs. Trying to lean up while keeping my muscle. i have been lifting avidly for 4 years and am decently strong for my size i guess. flat bench 225X5 and can shrug over 300 just a few randoms so you guys can get an idea.

Was wondering what you guys think feel free to bash me on anything i have wrong. Just really looking to get rid of that stubborn fat. Had a friend who has been using gear for awhile say i need to up my calories.

ANY INPUT Appreciated!!

A better diet and training program perhaps?

Better diet and training program perhaps?

Hey op this i just my 2cents and it might not be worth alot to you (i’ve been looking at the forums alot but have never posted) but i would advise you to stay away from gear, ph, etc until you hit better numbers… retaining fat and building muscle is a hard to do with out gear ik, but I would build up mass natty and then cut it off. obv you have cut fat before!

so it would behoove you to gain weight and strength first… the years of experience don’t really help as much when you havn’t maxed out your genetic potential. I’m 21 yo, 5’5’’ @ 177 lbs. rep 315x5 on bench n dead 435 and that came from whole milk and eating big! :smiley:
regardless of your choice, you’ve got great group of guys on here that will help u out.

speak for your self Im not going to help any 150lbs man who cant eat or train. There is no reason a man at the OP heights cant be atleast a relatively lean 180. Hell Im some what lean 5’6" and 224lbs. There is no reason he cant grow with out the drugs.