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First Real Cycle Test P + Var


Hi All,
This is my second post after having used all the constructive criticism received on the first drafted cycle in order to come up with this one.
Quick background check:

Age: 30
Height: 5'10
Weight: 230lbs @ 16~18% BF
Training experience: Well over 10 years
Blood work: Precycle done. Planned another one half way through, and around two weeks after PCT
Cycle experience: Ran var only a couple of times. It was stupid but had no impact (blood work confirmed it)

- Test P 100mg EOD W1-8 (and possibly extend to W10 if everything goes alright)
- Possibly run HCG 250ius twice a week W1-8 (Same day as Test, just a different shot)
- Anavar 60mg ED W3-8 (and possibly extend to W10 if everything goes alright)
- Arimidex 0.25mg EOD W1-8

- Starts 3 days after last Test P shot
- Clomid 50/50/50/50
- Nolva 40/40/20/20
- Additionally, I will run a test booster like animal test for 6 straights weeks starting from day 1 of the PCT

The reason why I'm running Test P is to have a shorter ester and be able to control things if they go wrong. I know pinning EOD will be a pain that I'll have to endure :slightly_smiling:

Ok so any final thoughts, especially the PCT (is the PCT too much or too little? will it have any adverse affect on the libido by any chance?) Should I run HCG from day 1 or let a couple of weeks pass first? Is 0.25mg EOD of Arimidex enough or should I increase it to 0.5?



What do you mean var had no ompact via bloodwork? I hope you found a different source


Could anyone explain to me why you would run HCG through this cycle?

I understand the theory of running it 10 days before PCT but throughout a mild cycle like this?


Real var will shut your system down. Surprised you didn’t see any change in bloodwork…

Could someone tell me what would be the reason of running HCG throughout this whole cycle? Looks like a cycle that wouldn’t really need it. I understand running it 10 days prior to PCT but for the whole cycle?

Also wouldn’t HCG on this cycle almost certainly lead to gyno?


Your Var was fake then.

Test P for 8 weeks is perfect for a first cycle. Except the PIP that usually comes with prop. Your first few injections will be bad.
If you can get REAL Var then 5-6 weeks is cool. I don’t run orals longer than 5 myself. I value my liver and what it does for me.
Based on your body fat I’d make this cycle more of recomp. Eat at maintenance or slightly higher and try to lose some fat while gaining muscle. Your overall gains will be less but your physical appearance will change drastically for the better.
HCG isn’t necessary through the whole cycle.
PCT seems like overkill to me. I’d run the Nolva for 6 weeks 40/40/20/20/20/20 and cut out the Clomid.

This is a proper cycle post. Nice to see a proper post.


Thanks everyone for your feedback. Var didn’t have much affect since I ran it at a fairly low dose (30mg. Such a waste I know).

The Test P I’m using is pharm grade and it’s 50mg per 1mL (i’ll do a single shot of 100mg 2mL). Chances for PIP will be low with such concentration I believe?

My target of the cycle is to cut bodyfat as much as I can while maintaining size and strength

Isn’t running SERM for 6 weeks straight can affect me negatively? I was thinking of running both SERMs for either 3 or 4 weeks (with possible front-load of Clomid. Still not quite so sure on that)