First Real Cycle: Test E, Dbol, Mk677

Plan on starting a test enth cycle this week and add some dbol later on. Been training for 5 years but the past 4 months I’ve been out of the game due to a shoulder injury but I just got cleared to go start some light lifting again. I plan on pinning 125mg of test enth Monday and Thursday until my shoulder feels well enough to lift heavy again and then I’ll start pinning 250mg twice a week with 20-40 mg of dbol daily (haven’t made up my mind of exact dosage yet). After I finish off my 4 weeks of dbol im gunna throw in some ostarine. I’m also taking mk677 everyday for the past week and plan to continue throughout the 12 week cycle. I’ve taken lgd stacked with mk in the past and gained 25 pounds on a lean bulk (a decent amount was probably water) but have done a lot of research around gear and so don’t have too much personal experience but have a good amount of knowledge through research.


•Week 1 to week 2or 3

-Test enth 250mg a week
-mk677 25mg daily

•Week 2 or 3 (whenever I get the good to go to start lifting heavy again) to week 6or7

-test enth 500 mg a week
-dbol 20-40mg daily
-mk677 25 mg daily
-arimidex as needed

•Week 5or6 to week 12

-test 500mg
-ostarine 25mg daily
-mk677 25mg daily
-arimidex as needed

Cruise if everything goes well and plan next cycle.

Let me know what you guys think, thanks.

Also need some input on a “beginnerish” cutting cycle. Something that won’t dry my joints out too much bc I already have some minor joint problems.


A waste of gear if you are recovering from an injury.

Also, way too much shit. If you want to do a cycle, and you shouldn’t, just do 500mg of test with a Nolva 40/40/20/20 pct. Don;t fuck around with other shit.

Again, just don’t do it.


I agree with the myth

Im not a big fan of anything about this cycle. The injury, the dbol, the sarms, the way you are dosing the test.

Just recover and save yourself potential injury and run a simple first cycle.