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First Real Cycle, Need Advice Please


hey everyone…want to run my first real cycle, and i say real because i was horribly instructed to run only a cycle of deca, alone with no pct when i was 19. so now im gyno prone and had a very small case of gyno that i never was able to get rid of. any way, im 32, 210lbs, 18.5% bf and wanf to run test-e 300 and eq 300. my primary goal is strength but a little more size wouldnt be horrible either. looking for help with a basic beginner cycle along with pct and what ai i should run on cycle to keep gyno in check…i really appreciate any feedback, thanks


Diet first, lower bf% less sides and better gains…

Truthfully, you are not ready for a cycle, and you already did one with deca…only… man if your friend instructed u to inject blue liquid for leg gains you would probably do it? or jump off a bridge? why not research first…

Diet and nutrition is the number 1 thing about anything fitness related, if you do not know that you shouldnt even be getting close to these compounds, you are 18% bf… i repeat again…its a waste of time and money to even run a cycle with that much BF.

Reading your thread lets me know a couple of things, and the main one is you are not remotely ready, you will end up with shitty gains and gyno or in hospital. Good luck.


Your right about my “friend” I was a dumb teenager and I definitely regret listening to him then. I did more research this morning …read about not even stacking on first cycle…I appreciate the feedback…I did read that under 20% bf was good…is 18.5% real bad? And what’s an acceptable %?


not sure if you have read the gyno stickies posted here: Gyno Sticky by ksman, smart knowledgable and experienced guy he posts on here alot. Test protocol looks a bit low, 250 mg is pretty safe but a major change to your muscle and strength on test enenthate is usually 500mg per week, pin EOD ofcourse. read the stickies, and maybe some more stuff on EQ i am not sure dosing protocol of this particular ester.