First Rant of the Year

Been shot down for the 4th time this week alone. Every bloody time when I try to get some numbers I find out they’ve got a boyfriend. I actually met this girl’s boyfriend today. I’m losing out to a pretty boy that crosses his legs. What the hell kind of man crosses his legs? I’ve always been weary of guys that do the ankle to knee cross. But this pansy SOB did it just like a woman, crossing at the thigh; he even did the twitching leg thing that women do. Afterwards I started paying attention to it, and there are a LOT of men that cross their legs. Am I crazy or is this wrong?



do a search on metrosexuals. they are sweeping the land!!!

just because they say they have a bf doesn’t mean you can’t hit.

Right on greek! Or a husband, for that matter…

greek is right!

I know a lot of sensitive modern day f@gs want a “relationship” but why bother when you can fuck a leg crossers girl while he puts in all the work.
As for leg crossing, I occasionally do the foot to knee to stretch my hips when I’m cramped on the bus but I dont do it too often.
I live in Seattle where many of the guys act like little pussies. I swear all of them seem gay to me and it irks me to see perfectly good women with these guys.

I saw this HOT!~!! little thing sitting in her car the other day at the store. I was going to say hi to her but she actually sprung the first words. She said “What’s up” so I walk over to her windo and start the typical flirt B.S. about 5 minutes she asks if I like Cocaine. Fawkin fluzie little hooker! Back in the day I’m sure I would have jumped in the car with her right then but being older and wiser I just told her I wasn’t interested and walked away.
It’s so frustrating to try and find good women but get shot down then get your hopes up for some hottie only to find out she is all about partying.
my .02

dude, be a badass, don’t give a shit, cat like ass is ass and if you want it you can get it. You have no idea how many chicks fall for that. I’ll be honest and say that I am prolly what most girls would call a sweetheart, but when I need to get laid, I bust out the alter ego, Ren (real name is Darren so duh), and be a confident indifferent bastard…and go home w/ a tight piece of ass. Then again, it could just be all the slutty girls on campus …

Slutty girls rule, it’s true, but nothing beats baggin’ a sophisticated lady, man. Nothing. Especially when you find out that she’s a friggin’ FREAK! HAHAHAHAHA!!!