First Rad140 Cycle. Is My Test Too Low to Start?


hello guys this is a blood test i did because i wanted to see whats going on before starting my first sarm cycle (never used anything till now)

i wanted to see if my test levels are low, because i know that any sarm will lower that even more, and also i wanted to know if estrogen and prolactin are high, to know what i should have in hand during cycle to mitigate sides

anyway total and free test are a bit on the low side (i’m 31yo) but overall it looks like a nomal and healthy situation to start a sarm cycle what do you think shoul i need for pct?

thank you!

You should be able to get away with an abbreviated pct, so four weeks instead of six. Nolva at 20mg throughout should theoretically be good enough to get the job done.

hello thank you, should i have blood test after cycle to know what happened or just take nolva?

Blood test a month after you finish pct.

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If that is your current profile pic, I would not cycle anything. I’m not trying to be rude. You need to be able to make progress in the gym with training and diet alone. Your hormones are normal and a SARM will do very little for you when all is said and done. You will risk your hormones for very little progress with a SARM. Establish a better baseline with hardwork and dedication in the gym for a couple years and then maybe consider a Testosterone cycle solo. SARMS are always best when added to a Test. base because you need normal Estradiol levels for anabolism; Your natural Test./Estradiol will decrease with a SARM.

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