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First Progress Pics Ever


These are my first progress pics ever!
The old pics are from 1 year ago(8-31-06)
The new are 8-12-07 but I did not start working out until
Feb.1 so their 6 1/2mo. progress pics.
So lets see how I did.


u have large areolas



Usually progress pics have a before shot. What kind of progress have you made? Weight? Lifts? Body fat? Did you mean to post more than 1 pic?


are those nipples?




Here's the before


Yes I ment to post more than one.
As for the progress I went from lifting a bar to benching 225lbs. and droping 4%bf. So ya I'd call that progress!!


Oh yeah so would I, now that we can see a before picture, the progress is very noticable nice work.


great gains in just a short time man. Assuming you're a cyclist, I imagine you cut back a bit? When I started training, I was still running 3-5 mi 3x a week and playing hockey, and I couldn't figure out why I wasn't gaining any weight -lol



good job


Usually, classy posts like these along with a diagnosis deserves a little explaination out of sheer courtesy. What makes you a professional on the matter? You can determine this from a pic?

And if so, and you are correct, would you enlighten the young man on how he might approach and fix this?


Im gonna go ahead and perscribe you a 500mg Chill Pill, you can fill that out whenever


good job man keep it up


here's another pic


those are the gayest shorts ive ever seen

But ur arms seem to have made good progress