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First Prep. Nutrition and Training Log


New to the site
Finally decided to do a mini prep by myself. No plans on competing at all, just need to do this mentally and physically. My nutrition over the years has been terrible so I am hoping this thread will keep me accountable. Also this site seems to have a ton of information from articles and different members. Little info about myself
Height:5 foot 10
Current BF%: 19.8
Type 1 diabetic(numbers aren't a problem A1c is 6.1)
I have been training since I was 13.
Doing this natural

I am starting my prep with a mild approach just due to the fact that before this training was hard, but nutrition was terrible(800 carbs a day. Not good carbs either) and zero cardio.

This prep I am carb cycling. As of now I am doing 1 high,3 med,3 low.
Calories are in a 10% deficit
Cardio 4 days a week 30 min fasted cardio in the A.M, 1 HIIT session once a week

High day- 285c,237p,as low as possible fat
Med day-190c,285p,28.5f
Low day-48c,285p,67f

Numbers used from Shelby Starnes outline


Cool. Following along. Good luck!



I'd like to follow your journey as well. Keep the info coming :slight_smile:


You call yourself natural, but fast acting insulin post-workout....just kidding lol. Will be following! Best of luck to you!


Today is high carb day, the only one for the week. I have legs today.
Did my morning cardio 30 minutes fast pace walk with the occasional jog (when the dog saw a squirrel)
Forgot to post my training schedule so here it is
Chest + Bi + am cardio= Med day
Legs + Calves + am cardio= High day
Mobility + am cardio= Low day
Back + Tri= Med day
Shoulders + abs + am cardio= Med day
Complete off day= Low day
Abs + calves + mobility + HIIT cardio= Low day


:wink: hey I deserve that post workout insulin gains since I have to take about 8 shots a day haha


watch out you don't get roid gut! Haha


Ran into a low blood sugar early this morning. (39) had to eat some quick sugars. Typically the first couple weeks I cut out junk food my number goes low. Did my morning cardio 30 min fast pace walk. Weighed in today at 189.7. Safe to say I was holding a large amount of water from my high insulin levels lol. Won't be making any calorie adjustments until I get a stable weight and accurate number (end of week 2 most likely). Missing my junk food but I have been making some bcaa slushies that have been helping that. Does anyone have any go to things they like to make when dieting?


Adjusted calories. Calories are at 2435. Still doing 4 sessions of 30min morning cardio and then 1 hiit session a week


End of week one was yesterday. Weighed in today at 189.4 with one meal in me. Cals still at 2435. Everything else is the same. Depending on how this week goes may have to cut an exercise out of a couple workouts depending on my recovery. I love to do high volume but not sure if I can fully recover from it right now


Weighed in today 186.8. I've been sick the past week so my weight is a little lower. My training has still been good as well as cardio sessions. Trying to get all my meals in but that is hard to do with a stomach bug.


Found my results from my first body fat test before I started. I have access to a 15k medical body comp machine at work.
weight: 193.6
155.24 LBM
38.33 FM
Skeletal muscle mass: 77.7 lbs

152.65 LBM
32.09 FM
Skeletal muscle mass:78 lbs


Bodpod? Nice tool to have while cutting. Looks like you've made good progress!


BF: 16.7%
FM: 31.07 lbs
LBM: 155.44
Skeletal muscle mass: 79.3

My workouts have been getting better and eating is still not the best due to being sick. Not pooping my brains out anymore so hopefully I can get my macros back on track. Thank god for decent genetics.


no its the Seca mBCA machine


Starting to get a little sloppy with the diet so I will try to get on here every day to log workouts,nutrition macros,supps just to try to keep myself accountable.


Alright so here is a little update:
No longer carb cycling. I saw great results with it and want to try other things to see how I react to them. I guess that is a plus that I am able to do that since I will not be doing a show. Over the last year or so my strength went to shit when I stopped lifting for a month or so. I want to try to get some strength back and make sure I am eating enough fuel for my workouts but also burning fat. I digest and handle carbs very well so this is my macro plan.
2300 cals ( non workout days )
30% carbs
40% protein
30% fat

2500 calories ( workout days )

Cardio is 2 times a week for 40 minutes. Low intensity on treadmill HR 128 area. Put MPA vasoburn on before (also before workouts)
Adding 1ml of S-4 sarm a day as well. Will only do this for 4 weeks or so(depending on how much is in bottle) to really jump start the fat burning

Weight training is 5 times a week and will post daily logs of workouts. This will hold me accountable


2458 cals
301 carbs
137 protein
81 fat

Cardio: 30 minutes pwo

Somehow managed to strain or tweak the left side of my chest before my workout but didnt bother me too much.


Flat DB
Incline press Machine
140/8,140/8,140/6(dropset 90)
Pec deck
Seated chest press(Close grip,Inside grip)


2787 cals
287 carbs
124 protein
123 fat

Could def feel my body take a beating from monday so threw in some extra cals/carbs.
Hit back

wide grip pulldown

one arm row

Cable row

seated row long bar

Rest day. Body needs it. Will do 45 minutes cardio,mobility and abs


Been super busy and havent had much time to post. Hoping to get back in a routine