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First Pre-Contest Cycle

This is my 6th cycle, but my first pre contest 12 weeks, I take any suggestions, hit me hard, I am not sensitive. I am 5’10" 235 lbs solid. competition date is October 26th. Any add on or take off?

1-12 sustanon 750 wk
1-7 deca 300 wk
1-5 dbol 30 mg ed
4-7 tren 75 mg eod
8-12 masteron 300 mg wk
9-12 anavar 30 mg ed
1-12 nolvadex 20 mg eod
1-12 liver support

Thanks in advance!

Iv never participated in a contest and I have no intention of doing so but if I were this is not how I would run a pre show cycle

Let me elaborate.

This looks like a half ass bulk/cut cycle which generally never give great results on either end of the spectrum.

7 weeks deca is pointless IMO you are using bulk compounds that hold a lot of water st the beginning then using cut compounds at the end but not giving those enough time.

If I were to be stepping on a stage in a few months there would be only one goal and that’s to shred. I would use short esters and drop the test completely a week or so out and run mast prop probably straight thru the show with some winstrol a few weeks prior. I would also use some adex prior to get estorgen low to drop whatever water I was holding.

Just typing that makes me feel miserable which is why I would never compete but if I were I wouldn’t half ass it I would go all out.

awesome observations, it does make sense.


Ye, some people will drop injectables entirely for 1-2 wks prior to show to avoid any chance of swelling from inj sites blurring muscle definition

I want to try compete, will try sometime in 2020. Sure, there’s a lot of suffering, but if you do it you can be like “yeet” afterwards

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That is very true I forgot about the possible swelling.

Im really suprised to hear you say you want to compete with how health conscious you are. One of the main reasons why I would never compete is due to how unhealthy and harsh on the body some of these pre show protocols are. The couple people who I know personally who compete seem miserable leading up to shows.

I guess if you keep drugs to a minimum which I’m sure you will you can probably get away with doing minimal damage, at that point its probably just all about diet and what not.

Highway to the danger zone.

That’s too short to run deca, as Zeek said. But the bigger issue is the deca/tren overlap. Some people—not all, but some—run those two together and go absolutely batshit insane. I remember reading about a guy who had a lot of tren experience under his belt using NPP with one of his tren cycles. He ended up sleeping in his car for two weeks because he was so paranoid about his house that he couldn’t go to sleep there. He almost checked himself into the hospital because he was losing his mind. Combining two 19-nors that have serious effects on dopamine and brain chemistry in general seems like a needless risk that is entirely avoidable.

I’m very aware of how harsh competing is on the body. However it’s been an ambition of mine for a long time, as a kid i’d watch pumping iron, strongman competitions and bodybuilding shows and think to myself “that’ll be me one day”.

Unfortunately I have terrible, 92 year old man joints. We will see what happens, however I’m pretty determined to step on stage at least once.

Will never use tren, winny, GH, slin, beta 2 agonists though. Would keep total mg of gear below 4-500mg/wk. (Preferably 400)

Instead I’ll crack out the synthol (just kidding)

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