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First PR!


Hey guys! I've been following you for a long time and decided to sign up today to share my first milestone PR! Yesterday at he gym, I deadlifted 5 reps with 315 lb! Not very impressive, but a good accomplishment for me since I stopped training for 1 years after a heavy car accident.



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Good job, keep it up!


3 plates! Good job! Next up 365


nice lift! 405 isnt far off


You do the work, Lou


3 plates is better than atleast 70% of gym regulars will ever do. :slight_smile:


Great job. Don't judge your PRs/lifts to others here. Everyone, including myself are completely different and has started somewhere. So keep it up!

I haven't tested my 1RM on it yet but, I have lifted (no strap) 205lbs. :slightly_smiling:


Awesome stuff! Truly is a great feeling hitting those milestones!