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First PPA, next ephedrine?

The New England Journal of Medicine released an article today warning that supplements containing ephedra can pose severe health risks and even kill in some cases. If the FDA was able to squash PPA without a fight theres no way ephedrine will survive if the FDA decides to pick up the ball and run with this one. Is there no end? Next thing you know the FDA will make oatmeal illegal because it to can kill (if you drown in it).

The FDA just wants me to be fat! “Here–eat more carbs! Especially 6 servings of breads and starches! And don’t eat so much protein, and quit taking those thermogenic supplements–you know, the ones that actually WORK! And don’t even get us started on steroids…!”

HAHAHA! Drowning in oatmeal! Naah, I don’t think the FDA would ever ban that. They’d probably just require that a lifeguard be attached to every box of Quaker Oats that’s sold. The government needs to stop worrying about “governing” and start looking for solutions. We need to get to the root of the problem by asking ourselves, “Why are people overusing PPA?” Personally, I think the answer to that question is that people who overdose, are seriously uneducated. The government needs to spend more time educating and less time regulating. And I hope when all of the dust clears, concerning the election, that my man John Hagelin (of the Natural Law Party) will be declared the next president of the USA!!!

The New England Journal of Medicine, if that isn’t a crew of total hipocritical bioches then I don’t know what is. I wonder if they have published anything about the health risks involved with abortion, hell what about the health risk involved in any surgery. Every freaking drug that a doctor could prescribe has a health risk and a potential to kill a person. Instead of preaching of how dangerous this is and how horrible that is they should spend a little time on teaching morons common sense so we don’t have to read about idiots killing themselves because of their ignorance.