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First PowerMeet Question

Good Afternoon Yall

I am getting ready for first power lifting meet. Very soon I will start my 12 week
linear periodization program. Its the simplest program and it made sense to me so that’s what I decided to try out for my first time. I am little confused on what to do a week or two before the meet. Most forums that Ive looked at say that you should only being light stuff a week before meet.

This is a little hard to explain so I will just outline my routine last two weeks leading up to a power meet to make my point. Suppose I am getting ready for a meet on Saturday January 24 th.

So I bench Monday, squat Wednesday, and dead lift Friday. If I do my last heavy bench two weeks before the meet almost 13 days of not lifting heavy weights, wouldn’t this hurt my strength.

This is a series of videos. You may as well watch them all.

Good luck at your first meet. I might suggest adjusting your training split so that you Squat on Monday, Bench on Wednesday, and Deadlift on Friday–and if possible, do an accessory upper body workout on Saturday or Sunday.

I’m doing the same thing - getting ready for my first meet. For me its a nine week pendulum program though - I did a 12 week linear ending mid December 2014 and while I liked the results I started feeling pretty beat in the last four weeks so I decided to try to work something more sustainable.

My pre-meet fortnight has me going very heavy (85 to 95% max) and then the week leading up to the meet is a deload with just one session of all three lifts at about 80% two or three days pre-meet.

Just a caveat, I know it might seem overly complicated for me to do pendulum training when this is my first meet but I found the linear approach just hit me too hard in terms of CNS fatigue. In my defence, my squat is just over double bw and dead lift 2.5 times bw (notice how I’m not mentioning bench?) so it isn’t like I can’t shift a little bit of weight for a newbie to the sport; and I’ve been training for competition since early 2012 (just not PL) so I don’t figure I quite fit the novice definition apart from being new to PL itself.

Best of luck with your training and competition!