First Powerlifting Meet

What’s up everyone I have been lifting weights for some time now, but new got interested in to powerlifting. I am so confused in the process for trying to apply for an IPF competition. I’m choosing IPF because I’m stationed overseas so it’s a lot more difficult to go for competitions back in the states. Does anyone have any advise?

What about IPL and GPC affiliates? They aren’t uncommon either and the sign up process is likely to be significantly easier.

so If I already purchased the USAPL membership does that mean I will have to purchase the IPL membership as well? i was under the impression that USAPL allows you to participate in all international competitions?

I would think so. I’m also pretty sure to compete in the Italian IPF affiliate, you’ll need to join their fed. USAPL membership won’t mean much.

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Also, an international competition is the highest level of competition. You almost always have to qualify to get there. Just because a competition is in another country does not make it international. It’s a local competition in another country.

Generally speaking you have various tiers of meet. It starts at local level, where anyone can enter as long as they are national federation members. Sometimes they let you qualify for higher level meets, sometimes not. Then you have dedicated qualifying meets. They may be local level, or state or district or whatever. Usually they are open as well, so any member can sign up, but the difference is they are the meets that let you qualify for higher levels. After that it usually goes to national level, so national championships. Either they require qualification or invitation. Up to this point all of them are run by the national federation. Above that is international, which is run by the international federation (with which the national ones are affiliated). You aren’t usually a member of the international federation, just a member of its affiliate. You get invited to or qualify to compete at the international meet run by the international federation by virtue or being a member of and competing in meets run by your national affiliate.

USAPL is the US affiliate of IPF
IPL is the international body for USPA

You would have to be selected for an international meet after qualifying for nationals and putting up a total at nationals that is good enough to get you on the international level.

I just did a quick search for “Italy powerlifting”, there is an IPF-affiliated federation and a 100% raw affiliate, and likely others as well. I’m not you, so you need to go look this up yourself and see where and when there is a meet that you could sign up for, then buy your membership and sign up for the meet.

Also don’t start multiple threads asking the same thing or the moderator will get pissed off.

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