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First Powerlifting Meet


Im 16 years old and doing my first powerlifting meet this August. I will be competing in the 67.5kg class. My goals are: 350 DL, 330 Squat and a 220 bench.

Currently I am doing DL 280lbX5 , Squat 230lbx5 and Bench 150x5.

Do you think Ill be able to achieve my goal lifts? Any advice on how?


If I were you I’d do my best as far as training and eating go and wouldn’t worry about specific numbers.You might hit a 350 deadlift,you might hit a 335 or you might hit a 400 one.In any case you’ll be stronger


Your first powerlifting meet should be about having fun. It is great to go in there and be strong or place in your weight class but just go in, ensure you have good form and hit your selected weights, and get some experience. Make sure you know about all of the rules for your particular federation and make good weight attempt selections. Best of luck!