First Powerlifting Meet

I’m currently signing up for my first powerlifting meet on March 1. I’m very excited but am wondering if anyone has any advice for how to make the experience more enjoyable. I was also wondering what lift I should work on the most. I have been lifting for a few years because of football but only started powerlifting in the past 6-8 months.

So I am a bit unsure as to what my lifts should be and all I can seem to find is records not average numbers. I’m 18 years old, will be competing at 181 and my lifts are currently: Squat- 405, Bench- 275, Deadlift- 455. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Focus on pause for the Bench, making sure you are in competition form, with flat feet, butt on bench. Focus on depth for the squat.

are you from UK and doing the March 1st meet for BDFPA?

No, I’m doing the IPA meet in York, PA in the states. Sucks, it would’ve been cool to have another first timer there (saw your thread) :confused:

Like -stang said, start working on pause bench singles a few weeks out from the meet. Make sure you are getting below parallel on the squat.

Your first attempt should be light - make sure it’s something you can still feel the heaviness of it but smoke it w/ no problem. That will build your confidence and get you used to the squat rack, bench, bars and overall feeling of being on the platform.

Make sure you eat enough food after your weigh in and drink enough to keep you hydrated. You’ll find w/ nerves and spending limit strength energy you’ll be hungry.

Good luck.

Read the rules, and follow the commands that the head ref may use. Practice them before you get on the platform, in the warm up area as well.
For example if there are commands like Squat, or rack, or press on the bench, learn those, so you don’t miss a lift due to a technicality. Also lifting attire. If you need to wear a singlet and don’t have one, you might be screwed. These are things you should know about before you lift.

I can not believe how many times I see new lifters show up with the wrong stuff, or don’t know the rules. Why make it so hard on yourselves at a time you will be really nervous. It is just as important as the meet itself to be prepared to do the meet. Once you know all the rules, and have all the equipment ready to go, then you can clear your mind to just follow the refs commands and lift. Well enough of that.