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First powerlifting meet

This was my 2nd attempt with 606

Well after 2 years of solid training I decided to do my first full powerlifting meet raw at 242. It was the USAPL nc state championships and i competed in the 20-23 and open class.

Went easy on squat after injuring my quad a few weeks ago and not being able to go heavy for a while. Ended up getting 440, not close to what i wanted but thats ok.

Hit 336 on bench for a junior state record.

And successfully pulled 606 then 628 locked out but redlighted 2-1. Also setting the junior record.

628 that would have been a open 242 record and broke my old junior record that got redlighted 2-1

Nice lifts! Do you know why you got redlighted on the 628? You look like you’ve locked out completely, so did you hitch at all or not wait for the “down” command?

I believe it was from hitching, the lift was certainly a grind. Usually im a very explosive deadlifter and that lift took about 8secs to get to lockout haha. It was the last lift of the day and the whole crowd was behind me and you could hear a collective sigh of disappointment as the redlights came up, oh well though. It was truly a great experience for me.

You look like a statue man, great job.