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First Powerlifting Meet

hey everyone, its been a real long time since ive been on these forums so i thought i would share the results of my first powerlifting meet from last week(USAPL)

18 y/o @198
squat attempts: 425, 465, 485 (all good/20lb pr)
bench attempts: 285, 303, 314 (all good)
dl attempts:425, 467(17 lb pr), 485(failed)

sorry for the vids being so small lol

Good work. I have no idea how you can lift in an environment like that. It looks like the plainness of a hospital ward mixed with a golf crowd. Did they provide everybody with a hefty dose of valium or what?

hahaha! i didnt even notice, i guess it is an awkward environment for lifting. it was my first meet so i wouldnt know the difference

Insane progress!

thansk,my squat went up a decent amount but my dl needs some work.

Fantastic squat and very solid all around, nice job. Keep training hard and you can be super strong

Awesome lifting! Those must be close to some records?

Congrats! That’s really great work. When is the next meet?


Nice job man, keep lifting because at 28 your going to throw around some sick numbers! Wish I would have started young.

Keep it up.

very nice lifts man, very nice.

thanks everyone! i believe the USAPL national record for 198 18-19 is 1317. my total was around 1266 so im planning to break 1300 my next meet which will be either in February or March, so i have a good amount of time to train for it.

I also got to see some great lifts by Mike Tucsherer and Beau Moore

Ahh, you guys do “weird” age categories, I forgot :stuck_out_tongue:

yea and i was really surprised at how strict they were judging the squat and benchpress. MULTIPLE lifters were called on depth and on the bench, the heels must be flat on the ground and head flat on the bench.

i usually bench on my toes and head up lol

USAPL is an IPF affiliate. They’re very strict. lol

not necessarily a bad thing