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First Powerlifting Meet in Memphis, TN


So I'm debating on whether or not to compete in the Son Light Power Christmas for kids competition here in bartlett, tn (memphis) on December 3rd. First, does anyone know much about this federation? What are some of the opinions on it? This is my first PL meet if I end up doing it so I don't know much about the competition atmosphere anyways besides what I read.

Second, I just recently pulled something (possibly a ligament, but hey I'm only a student PT at the moment) in my back playing in a softball tournament so I'm going on 1 week and a half without squats or deadlifts or really any legs. I'm going to try to work in some kind of legs tomorrow hopefully. But this presents the problem in that the competition is in two months and I may not be able to train full force again on squats or deadlifts until another week or two.

On top of this, my squat and DL won't be strong coming off of much of a break. My PR DL is 475, I haven't squatted to a max in a long time, and my PR bench is 285. I weigh 198 on the dot. I'm 6'1 so I know I've read recently about that not being an ideal weight for being this tall (which really isn't that tall) but I don't see myself being able to pack on a lot more weight without it being unwanted weight.

So the question is, should I go ahead and plan on competing on Dec. 3rd? Also, I'm in PT school so while I stay dedicated to training its hard to go 100% everyday with the workload and $60 is a good chunk of change when you don't have an income. If not Dec. 3rd my next option is Jan 28th but with all the traveling for the holidays I won't be peak then either. I probably just to stop making excuses and compete but just wanted to get some opinions.


Well I guess no replies to that. A little more info though that I could help with. Deadlifted with speed pull weight today and didn't feel too bad so I'm going to go ahead and cut my teeth with this competition. I did find out that it is a Bench/DL/Curl competition so I'm going to do the push-pull so I wanted to get some advice for preparing for a push-pull.

Right now I think I'll program speed pulls with around 50-60% at most into every leg workout that I don't do heavy DL. So DL heavy once a week and do lighter speed pulls followed by squats on the next leg day (3 days later). Any different suggestions or recommendations anyone would make for preparing for this push-pull? I'll probably do a deload speed only week soon then go hard until Dec. 3rd.

And just a simple yes or no to this but I was talking to someone a couple of days ago and just want to make sure but you pause the bar on your chest until the judge tells you up on bench right? Not pause just above your chest without touching it? I talked to someone the other day and they said the later was correct but I was pretty sure you rested on your chest.


Yes you pause the bar on your chest until the ref gives you the verbal command "press". Do you know the other commands?


Well I looked briefly at an article a second ago that had some of them listed so i can go back and look at it again or you can refresh my memory here.


Well after looking back through that article it was only a brief description and only had the bench commands. Could you go ahead and post them for me for both the bench and deadlift? It's much appreciated


Sure, in the squat you'll walk the weight out, get in your stance, nod to the head ref to communicate you're ready to squat and you will be given the verbal command squat. After receiving the verbal cue all you can do is squat down, break parralel and stand back up, move your feet and you'll be red lighted. After standing back up wait for the verbal cue rack, then you can rack the weight.

In the bench, after unracking the weight in some feds you have to wait for a start command in some you don't. Bring the bar down and touch your chest and wait for the press command to press the bar back up. Wait for the rack command before returning the bar to the bench rack.

Deadlift is pretty simple, grab the bar in your stance, stand up, receive down command, set the bar down, don't let go of the bar, and you'll be good as long as your form was acceptable.

Powerlifting federations vary somewhat with their rules, different feds allow different things regarding technique, walk outs versus monolifts, benching on the balls or flat footed. Check the rules of the fed you will compete in and make sure you are fimiliar with how to comply with them.


Thanks for the advice man I really appreciate it. I've been reading some stuff about it but what is your recommendation on tapering the week before the meet? Do you take the whole week off or perhaps do total body DE work on Monday or monday and tuesday or what? Those two were what I was initially thinking but not sure now


Just take a deload. Do some light prehab work and just focus on what you have to accomplish on the platform. Try and hit your openers two weeks out.



Isn't the competition in oakland? ( just googled the federation )

Where would they be having it in bartlett?


Nah it is in Oakland, I think one a year or a few years ago was in Bartlett and I got them mixed up. I see you're in TN, are you competing?


not a chance. I'm just at total newbie, though I might go watch, never been to one.


Just make sure you bring food and fluids with you. And youll need a singlet, I think SLP made that official a lil while ago.