First Powerlifting Meet - Also Hi!

Hi, only just joined (apologies if this is the wrong place ect) and this is a query I’ve been meaning to ask someone without there being anyone to answer it.

I’ve been wanting to take part in a powerlifting comp/meet for a few months now but I don’t really want to turn up and be the weakest guy there by a mile. So is there like a minimum poundage you should be able to handle before turning up?

Current stats:
Weight: 176 lbs
Bench: 220
Squat: 258
Deadlift: 330

Also I’m from across the pond in the UK and I’m 19. All advice welcome!

What is your question?

don’t worry about others being stronger than you. go and have fun! No one will look down on your for being a beginner, if anything they will probably help you out some. also, chances are there will be some younger lifters there around 14-17 years old and lighter than you. So i doubt you will be the weakest human there.

anyway man, main point: go and have fun. hit some PRs!!

You are not super strong but you are fine to compete, plus you are young so of course the standards are lower for teens.

If you want to see a ranking of what people that are 181 lbs (your weight class) would be lifting check this out: - click on Lifter Classifications

Good luck with it (you can always go and watch a competition if you are nervous about actually competing in one)