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First Powerlifting Meet, 20 Y/O

Hey, this is my first post as I’ve been a lurker in these forums for a couple years before creating an account. So hi all !
Looking at doing a local meet in my area with the support of my coach.
Currently at the start of an intensity block, I’ll then be tapering, testing for new numbers and deloading. I’ll then start competition prep ! (Comp will be in March 2018)
Sorry if this is abit of a read, but I’m curious about the advice this forum can offer me for my first competition ! Any words will be appreciated as it is a very broad question
Current 1RM’s
Squat: 140kg highbar
Bench: 115kg
Deadlift: 187.5kg
Also started programmed powerlifting in mid September 2017!

Listen to your coach and enjoy yourself (i.e don’t try make weight classes or bother with a massive peaking block, etc)

Hovering just over the 74kg weight class, I’m assuming it’d be wise to reduce calories and go to maintainance level around Comp time

I got my first comp in April. Good luck!


Goodluck to you too man!