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First Powerlifting Meet 11 Weeks


I just got my powerlifting suit, shirt, and singlet. My first meet is in November. Can anyone point me to an article on how to start learning the gear?

I've seen an article or two describing what Metal Militia does, but would that be the best approach for the newby & I've seen nothing on how to start using the squat suit.



I have this in my favorites now:

It explains how to get a shirt on.

I can't help too much more than that since I'm new to Powerlifting myself.


Do you have any knowledgeable training partners when it comes to gear? What kind of shirt and suit and what ply? I will PM you some links on how to set up your gear, but It will be almost impossible to set up correct fitting gear without a partner or two.


Thanks for the PM Joebob.
I have a single ply Fury shirt and centurion suit. I will be doing shirt days with an experienced partner, but the other days I'll be on my own (scheduling conflicts.) We'll be doing shirt work once a week for the next 4 & then he's going to South Africa. Should I do the same kind of workouts with the suit, mimicking shirt days?


At least get someone to call you for depth in the centurion suit, because the fabric's really tough shit and it's going to be tough to get down; get someone to make SURE you are getting down to where you need to be.