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First Powerlifting Competition


Whats up guys, i havent posted a topic in a while, but i just did my first powerlifting competition, 10/20/07....im about 5'7 and weight 180 lbs....took first place in my weight class, and first place overall lifter...it was a pretty small competition, only about 20 competitors, but i thought it was a good place to start for me..

anyway here were my numbers....Deadlift - 475...Bench - 320....Squat -405....RAW...being my first event i thought i did pretty damn well and i was pretty proud of myself, and like i said, these were all RAW lifts, no gear on or anything like that...i also decided to do that competition pretty late so i only had about 7 weeks of solid training for the competition...

ill be doing another one in April for sure...and i plan on getting into a bigger competition next time, and definitely some bigger numbers...i plan on staying in the 181 weight class, but id like my numbers to be something like this: Dead - 520...Bench - 350...Squat - 450....well just thought id share it with all the T-Nation members that helped me get to where i am today...thanks everyone...any pointers or advice would be appreciated!


Get in another 4-5 meets in the next year. Your first year of competition is critical. It gives you meet experience, which just can't be duplicated in the gym. I learned a shitload my first year of competition. As you get better, you'll pick and choose which meets you go to.

Get a couple more raw meets under your belt, then if you are planning to go that route, pick up some beginner's gear and start learing to use it. Raw meets are hard to come by in any significant number. If you want a more even playing field, either learn gear or find more meets with raw divisions.


Antman, thanks alot for the advice, ill definitely keep an eye out for the raw meets...i was just told by my freind that there is another one in december, ill probably be shooting for that one just for some more experience....how were my numbers?? i know i have a long way to go on the powerlifting road, and i know the competition and strength out there is tremendous....but for my first competition, what do you think?? thanks alot