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First Powerlifting Competition

I have signed up for a powerlifting competition taking place next weekend and wanted some advice on what to do about training during the following week. Should I lift only on the first couple of days light, maybe a DE upper and lower day, or take off comletely this week? I will be working 40 hours loading/unloading trucks, so I will be getting some physical activity. Also, I will be coming in right on the borderline of my weightclass, so I was wondering how I should structure meals during the day before and morning of the competition.

I would take the week of the meet pretty much off. For me, a light full body assistance day on Monday then sit and eat.

good luck dude!

Don’t deadlift 2 weeks out, don’t lift, or lift VERY light the week before. You’re not going to get any stronger in 1 week you’d just make yourself weaker.

I just wanted to give an update on how the competition went. I competed unequipped in the 165 lb. class and totaled 1,047. My goal was to get 1,000 and make a run at 1100. I would have got it, but I lost my tightness, went too deep, and missed on a 400 squat, and got red lighted on a 463 deadlift. Overall it was a great experience, the intensity and commraderie amongst the competitors was great, and everyone went out of their way to help the first-timers out. Thanks for all the advice. Here is a link to the results page.