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First powerdrive experience

With the discount dealie, I deceided to try some powerdrive, also concurently I’ve started a mag-10 cycle (cuz I also bought some surge and some mag10 heh) anywho… I took a double dose yesterday one in the morning and another about 40 mins before my workout. God damn was I stronger then a week before. I upped the weight from previous workouts and did a greater number of reps while stressing the negative portion and felt in control and energetic. Before the workout it was as if my mind would easily bounce off any kind of other thoughts then the task ahead, I was psyched and ready to go. I took mag 10 earlier in the year, and did notice a slight strengh boost but usually in the end of the cycle, this time it was immediate, sure it could have been psychological, but damn… I’m a believer.