First Post

Hey Guys, This is my first post so please be kind, but I do have some questions.

  1. I’ve been reading for a couple weeks without posting so I do realize you guys are not big fans of Impact Nutrition products. I am currently taking Impact products (I know you’re going to say it doesn’t work, but I’m the one taking it and I can tell you it is working so please save your breath on that one). My first concern is how long of a cycle should I do? I realize oral is harder on the liver and I want to be as safe as possible with it.

  2. I’ve done cycles of Test, Tren and Anavar in the past with no sides and good results. Unfortunatly I am worried that I have too much to lose should I have a problem with purchasing the real stuff which is why I went the pro hormone method this time around. I have Nolva on hand (thank god) becuase this cylce is giving me itchy nipples. Is this normal (having itchy nipples)while taking this cycle?

  3. Impact says you can take the cycle for 6 or 12 weeks. Any comments on if 12 weeks seems a little too long? It sure does seem like a lot of tabs for the liver to process in my oppinion.

  4. I only have so much Nolva on hand will eventually need more. I wouldn’t be stupid enough to ask where to get it but if someone would be kind of to PM me with some advice I sure would appreciate it.

Ok that’s in fellas. I hope my first post doesn’t get beat up too bad and hopefully I can get some sound advice.