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First Post, Nutrition Plan Comments?

Hi All:

I’m not new to lifting, but new to T-Nation. I decided to join once I read what T-Nation is all about. I apparently have been a T-Nation citizen in mind and spirit long before I knew about this site.

Sorry to ramble. Anyhow, I am ALSO new to serious nutrition planning. Hence this, my first post.

I’ve got here what I think is a solid plan based on my current understanding of what I need to meet my goals. I’m using the Harris-Benedict formula (don’t understand it but my current understanding is that its not terrible to use), using a 40/40/20 (prot/carb/fat) macronutrient split. My goals are that I’m fine with my current weight, but would like to reduce body fat percentage. If I get some extra muscleweight in the process… cool by me. :wink:

Its in an Excel Spreadsheet or HTML form, and the links are here:


Here’s the HTML version:


There are three ‘worksheets’ in there. You’ll note my calculations on the BMR and Calorie Calculation sheet. My foods selections and macronutrient breakdowns are on the “food list” sheet. Your assesment of the “Nutrition Plan” worksheet would be most insightful.

I spent a good portion of my free time this weekend taking stock of the foods I ate, recording macronutrients, and cooking and portioning most of my meals today for the rest of this week. I’ve already got a food scale on my next shopping list.

I’ll tell you what I’ve learned so far. When you decide to take control of what goes in your mouth, its an eye opener to say the least.

Now that I’ve gone through this excersize, I have a deeper sense of why this is a ‘lifestyle’. I also have a suspicion that folks get used to shopping, cooking, and eating like this… such that it becomes second nature.

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