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First post: Need diet help

I have been reading T-mag for 6-7 months now and it has been a huge help in my training! I have worked out off and on for the past 2-1/2 years but got much more serious last augest, with the help of T-mag I’ve gone from 117lb to 137. I gained some fat and already had a little to start with, I would like to drop about 7 lbs of fat and maybe gain some muscle. I just can’t figure out what diet to use, I need something simple enough for me to get started on. Any sugestions would be great…I’m gonna go back to reading past issues…


Holy crap. 117 lbs!!! How tall are you? I can’t imagine any guy weighing that little.

You know that it’s most efficient to either lose fat or gain mass, but not at the same time? I can be done, but I think it’s harder and takes longer.

Read DIET MANIFESTO, and it has several diets listed. Since you have only 7 lbs of fat to lose, you may want to try T-DAWG 2.0. It’s fairly simple.

Good luck.

T-Dawg 2, T-Dawg 2, T-Dawg 2, T-…you get the picture.

Is that Omaha as in NEBRASKA?

I’m always willing to help a fellow Husker. I have to say though that If you’re only 137, how much fat do you truly have to lose? Not a knock, just curious.

T-Dawg would be a good choice although if you’ve never done any low-moderate carb dieting, it will take a couple weeks to adjust to this type of diet.

I would generally suggest John Berardi’s “Winning Formula” as this allows for a more moderate carb intake. You may have to modify the calorie level slightly as some found to be a bit too high, but it sounds like you have a fast metabolism and if your activity level is high I would leave as is. Good luck!

Also, how about more details on what’s going on, in terms of height, bodyfat, current diet plan etc. This would help a lot.

Age? Goals?

Good God man, at 137 I would seriously look into JB’s Massive Eating. If you cut down, you’ll simply look like a Kenyan marathon runner. Is that what you want? I would try to get around 175 first, depending on how tall you are.

Unless, of course, JNeves is female. In which case, T-Dawg is still great for cutting, and good job on the bulking!

True QB.

If you are a guy then you need to keep eating and lifting hard. Eat until you are sick. Or try to Skinny Bastard Diet. If your a girl then i would say the T Dawg.