First Post Intoduction

My name is tom svobodny i live in willmar mn. im 39 and just getting back into it. i went to college in morehead ky. grad in 92. played for the bills in 93 and was cut right before the first game.did some arm wrestling for a few years afterwards.

my college roomate was erik (the sandman) sandstrom.he was mr. teen indiana in about 1992. his heart gave out a short time later at his home in northbrook il. the world has kinda changed since then.

now you can get steroids online, supplements are way better, training has evolved and i look forward to making myself a better person as i approach 40. and talking to you all as i start my training all over again.

Welcome Tommy Boy! Jump right in and join the party…

Hey Tommy! Welcome to our humble abode!

Love the Bills… actually… the NFL as a whole. Living up here in Canada, the Bills are the closest NFL Team to me… so I have been to a couple of games.

6 hour drive… but the tailgate parties make the whole thing awesome.

CFL is ok, but… watered down.

Have to admit though… “Da Bears” are my team. Have been so early 80’s. Love Urlacher, Ditka and Butkus!