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First Post, First Cycle


Hello everyone! First post on here and it’s also my first cycle! Sharing with you guys to see what you think and maybe hear your thoughts!

Short and sweet here’s what I’m running

Test E / 12 weeks / 900mg a week (pin Tue/Thu/Sat)
Dbol / last 8 weeks / 50mg ED
Nolva / 2 weeks after last pin / 5 pills a day for 8 weeks

I weigh 180, I’m 5’11 and 23 y/o!

Tell me what you think!


Now you will probably get a lot of advice (possibly a lot of criticism too) from people with experience. But I can tell you what you will definitely hear.

900mg of test is massive for a first cycle, typical reccomendation for first is 500mg.

Test only is always reccomended for a first cycle.

23 is almost definitely too young for a first cycle.

‘5 pills’ is a not a universal dose. What is the mg. That could reasonably be anything from 20mg to 100mg per day



900 is massive for a first cycle I do know that. Iv read from a lot of people that 500-600 is what to start at and to use that alone.

Didn’t plan on stacking dbol with it but I said fuck it if I’m gonna cycle I’m gonna do it right cuz those 2 pair together great and act on eachother.

23 is young but I started at 17 and started really hard at 18 due to me modeling straight outta high school.

And yeah I just picked them up yesterday so I forgot to ask the mg before I grabbed them so I figured if other people took them they could say what 5 pills meant (I did assume it would be 25mg for 5 but I wasn’t sure)


If you know 500-600 is the norm why do 30-40% more? You wint gain 30-40% more than 500 ay. Even 350 is good, 500 isnt a magical number.
Your also pretty small and young. You can go two more years and gain 10-15 lean lbs.
Edit: if you a fitness model or someone that needs to stay trim and you taking 900mg/ wk without AI be prepared to see some moon face especially with dbol.


Why do 900 instead of 500-600… like you said 500 isn’t a magical number. You don’t know until you try. So I wanted to find out for my self and my friend did the same thing when he first started and said he loved the results and I saw his results.

And yeah I probably could of put on a little more weight till I started but I also didn’t wanna wait. I don’t believe there’s a right or wrong age.

Lol and cross my fingers for no moon face!:joy:


But if youll get crazy results, with less chance of moon face, at 500, why push 900? nearly a gram of test a week is more than even some pros use.


Trust me I did think about doing the normal amount of 600 with 2 pins per week but I saw what my my close friend got off of 900 and he didn’t get sides (which differ from person to person) so I said why not.

Yeah I know most pros do 900+…

My goal is to get into shows and I wanted to do it while I was young If that makes sense.


thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. The different perspectives are nice.


The thing is your talking about your buddies gains on 900mg/wk and you should do it also, butttt maybe he could have gotten the same results on 500. Your just following blindly, If you can do 20% to get 80% then why not.


That is true, either way it was a blind test on what would work best, so I just went with the solid results I have seen… I just would of hated to get to the end of my cycle and wondered what 900 would of been like instead of sticking with 500-600. I mean yes I could of ran my next cycle at 900 and that could be the smartest way, but at the same time I didn’t wanna waste my time ya know.


your 23 you have all the time in the world. There are plenty of studies with lower amounts, your one buddy isnt a representation of the whole ay. Dont forget 20% of the test you take is converting to estrogen, the more you take, the more estrogen you will have. I brought it up and you dint answer but you NEED an AI, especially with the dbol or you will blow up with water.


Any AIs you recommend? Sorry I forgot to speak on that.


Look bro, I am not expert but it doesn’t sound to me that you know what are you doing.

This just confirms it.

You will take 5 and yet you don’t know the dosage.

BTW, just curious, do you know that Dbol has some level of liver toxicity?
And if you are model, T-bol would then maybe be a better option.


I know the dosage now. I said I didn’t at the time and it’s 12 weeks away till I need it so i wasn’t dying to know.

Yes I know that about dbol. Everything has its ups and downs. I get my blood tested every 3 weeks so I am watching everything.

And sorry I didn’t realize it sounded like I have no idea what I’m doing cuz I don’t have an AI. Everyone is different and not everyone needs it. With how high my test is I probably will and I can get it ASAP. (Yes I know it’s smarter to have it and take it no matter what.)


That is true.

Also, moon face would be your last concern if you got gyno xD


Haha definitely! My face is never really bad, if anything I expect it to be more so on my shoulders and back…


Gyno is bitch-tits not acne.


No I know that I was saying definitely that Gyno is worse. Then I said my acne was never that bad so I don’t expect my face to get bad.


What lol by moon face i mean your face becoming rounder and more puffed due to water retention. Not pizza face.
You will get moonface though.


Iv never heard that term :joy: cuz like moons have craters :rofl: lol shit I read that one wrong!