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First Post - Birthday Pic


my 15th birthday


That you in your dp as well, looks like a different person. Umm I think we still need more stats, goals, diet and program, but all in all you have a decent physique.

Oh btw get more and better pics.


wow, a 15 year old with a goatee?


I'm telling you, it's the juice.


You'll get a MUCH higher rating with the other pics in your profile. From those pics, you look quite solid.


Your definitely NOT 15 in your profile pics thats for sure you look decent in those pics though.


I know anorexic girls with bigger glute hams


If he's fifteen, that's not him in his profile or avatar. The dude in there is like 30.


You guys realize he didn't claim to presently be fifteen?


thts an old pic if you look at his profile hes been training for 25 years.


That's clearly a very old picture. It is faded with age and the quality falls short of what even a cruddy cardboard camera is capable of. This man is no longer 15 and he has filled out nicely.


pretty good for 15


So this is a before and after thread then right, the back shot being the before, the display pic being the after? Well in that case nice work, you deserve a better than the 3.1 you currently have then.


I had a goatee at 15.




Yeah, but a monkey is born with facial hair.


Nice butt.


judging by those pants this picture was taking before I was born


uhh.. im 14 and i have a beard (shave everyday)
no monkey


That pic has been posted in another thread, by another screen name, in this same forum.