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First Poke Advice


I am planning a cycle for when I return from a trip August 4th. It will be my first injectable cycle. I hate needles. So I am going to be taking advantage of the fact that Test Enth Only needs a poke once a week, which is actually probably more convenient than the handfulls of orals every day.

You have all criticized me for pussing out with needles before and taking otc designers so now i need your help as I'm ready to take the plunge.

I was planning a ten week run. 650 mg of test enth per week. I also was wondering if since I stack orals why not stack this with an oral.

Im also mixed up on HCG. Everyone has a diff opinion on it.

Also ive seen nolvadex taken at 20mg ed throughout the cycle through the pct and ive seen cycles with no nolvadex until 3 weeks after the last shot. Also I was going to get some liquidex just in case I felt like there was too much aromitization bloating etc.

Please help me out I have a few months to get everything in order. Thanks.


I don't know where you got this information, but it is wrong. 2x/week minimum, E3D is preferred.

The only true "one shot a week" test I know of is test undecanoate.


Really i thought that was only necessary if you were to split the doses like 300 mg twice a week or something like that. What are the main differences between undecoanate and enanthate?


The ester length.


Also I have a chest injury from a little over a year ago that gets aggravated when the weather is right. 285 fell on it when the locks on a smith press snapped doing shoulder press.

It is a chronic arthritis oif the chest according to dr dumbshit that ill have to deal with forever unless i wanna take narcs which im not or get injections to kill the nerves in my mid pect region.. Any natural ways to make it go away esp when im on?


I was under the wrong impression that enanthate was the longest ester available since its half life is almost a month? Why isnt the other more popular?


because it also takes longer to hit you.


as far as I know, enenthates half life is around 14-17 days, not a month. Secondly, you should probably shoot that every 3rd or fourth day, so split your weekly doses into two shots. Thirdly, you don't need Hcg for a teen weeker, you should also extend your cycle length to like 12 or 15. Throw some dbol in for the first 3-5 weeks and have fun!!!


Dbol. You mean deca or diana?




GymRat, the best calculation I've seen for half-lifes is multiply carbons x .7. Enanthate has 7 carbons giving it a 4.9 or basically 5 day half life. This is why once a week is not ideal since more than half you Test is gone after a single week.

As Rain Jack said bi weekly is preferred; very little difference in terms of blood levels with bi-weekly vs E3D.

Sust contains the undecanoate ester but that is not to be preferred as a once a weeker given the other much shorter estered Tests in it.


E3D is preferred. You average an extra injection every two weeks which is quite substantial wrt maintaining blood levels.


So basically for what I want, which is one injection a week, is there any reason I should not use undecanoate for my first cycle?


When people say dbol I never know if they mean dianabol, the oral, or deca durabolin the injectable.


dbol is always reffering to the oral dianabol. always.


take your shots twice a week, and if you have a problem poking yourself the first time no problem idk why people would be calling you a pussy you pussy.

But get a friend to do it for u, thats how many people start and end up doing it themselves b/c it becomes naturaly like taking a protein shake almost... lol
Better yet do a cycle with a friend shits INTENSE

and as far as your saying about orals, start your first 4weeks or so with dbols to kick start it and plus you seem to like orals anyway.


So since i'm obviously clueless on half lifes how long should I wait before i start the Nolva/Clomid?

Do I even need the clomid or could i just take more nolva?

Is 50mg nolva week 1
30mg nolva week 2
20mg nolva week 3-4
10-5mg nolva week 5 down taper

Good enough for a post for a real cycle?

Also how much arimidex should i take i was thinking 0.5 eod is this useless or overkill?


Is there any reason I should not use undecanoate for my first cycle?


The longer the half life - the longer it takes to "feel" it hit you. Most folks are very anxious, and impatient on their first cycle. They think they should feel different the minute they inject the first time.

Prop will take 3-7 days to feel it hit.

Enanthate, and Cypionate will take 5-12 days

By comparison, undecanoate could take up to 3-4 weeks.

Most usually, undecanoate is should be used for TRT. I have used it, but unless you are planning on a 26 week cycle, it will probably not be what you are looking for in a first cycle.

As for when to start your PCT -

for prop you should start 3 days after you last injection.

For Enan and Cyp - 2 weeks after you last injection.

For undecanoate - I think I waited 6 weeks after the last injection to start.


Ahhh now I understand. Ok cool. So 650mg of enanthate. What dosage of dianabol should I start at? Ive heard people say I Bill Roberts say 50 is a normal dose but is it tapered up or just 50 all four weeks?.