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First Placebo Woody in Nearly a Decade?



While I’ve spent the last month judiciously lurking about, learning lots (thanks KSMan), this is my first time I’ve posted (as I’ve not had anything really much worthwhile to add).

Here’s the stats:

Michelin Tire Man Like in the midsection
T : 247
LH: 16.8

And as far as the symptoms, I could be a stunt double for a Low T commercial:
Zero libido
1/2 chubs
No morning blowers
London fog in the brain
Losing muscle
Aches and pain in knee and ankle (been told I’ve had gout for a decade)
Loss of interest
Just sort of existing (and not a good one at that)

Up until about a month ago, and even though I saw the same adverts on TV, it never dawned on me that I was “one of them.” I mean, ED and the such is for “old guys.”

And then I stopped and considered, I am an old guy.

Here’s my tale of woe.

For the last decade, I’ve self-medicated with booze (no longer drink and attend some meetings), and to deal with a lack of drive, I took a particular recreational drugs to “jumpstart the banging.”

Toss in metabolic syndrome, a short stint with Zoloft and Xannies, Jim Beam by the quart, no self-esteem, a vibrant career in taters, and well, I was ready for a change?

You’d think.

However, it wasn’t until a dear friend of mine asked me, “Hey, when we go out to dinner, do you stop at Wendy’s and power down the burgers? No harm intended, but why are you such a fat ***k?”

You see, I practice a vegan lifestyle, I hit the gym boxing, no longer drink, don’t indulge in much junk food, and yet.

Rolly meet polly.

So I stumbled upon the low T quiz (ADAM) – scoring 8/10… And so began about a 30 day endeavor researching everything I could find – from the NIH, to this forum, to all points in between, the more I read, the more I became convinced I had secondary hypogonadism.

I am luckily enough to live about 1 mile away from a well-known TRT clinic. $125 later, I am signed up for blood work and a physical exam.

Took less than 5m at LabCorp to pull my blood, and a day later, I learn that I am T:247. The rest of my labs are okay (liver, CBC). My LH is 16’ish.

And then begain the week’s wait to see the Doc, and the dreaded finger up the can exam. During that time, I mistakenly Google prostrate cancer, breast cancer, and all the other crap that would keep me from getting some help.

The day arrives, and I find myself in the Doc’s office.

Everything going smoothly, and we’re to the point of the fun where I am told, “Drop trou, get on the table, right side, and draw your left knee up to your chest.”

And no sooner than you can say “digital rectal exam”, I am told, “Your prostate is small, smooth, and healthy.” (PSA 0.4).

I’m sent home, to await my meds.

200mg Cyp E7D
50 units HCG 2x week
1.0 mg Anastrozole 2x week

Yesterday, at 6pm, my package arrives, and 15 minutes later, I am ready to pin.

Suggestion: my vial of HCG was under vacuum (like deep space vacuum). I wished my GF has such drawing power – the 5ML of water in the syringe blasts into the vial.

So, all done at 6:30pm.

3am I am awaken with a tingling in the royal nutsack. Holy crap, I no longer have old man balls. My boys are tightened up and much plumper. And I’m sporting a nocturnal woody that is harder than Chinese arithmetic.

I’m thinking - that’s one hell of a placebo!

Today, as many others have written, the “fog” has lifted. For those of you that wear distance glasses, imagine driving at night, and when you put on your eyewear, do you notice how street lights and the such become “brighter” as they come into focus? Or if you have clogged ears that uncork?

Today, for the first time in a very very long time, I am no longer cloudy of mind.

Placebo? Or is it because my body is so starved for T? I dunno, but whatever the case, I am overjoyed. Perhaps, I won’t just lie on my bed, laptop on my belly, too tired to care. Just existing.

So in the end, I just wanted to share.

I know, when I was looking for answers, this board, the great folks on it, and their journey thru our shared hell was very helpful.

I’m just paying it forward.

Onwards and upward. Bring on the wood (and the chicks!)



Welcome Chaz, Great first post.
You have some writing talent, made me laugh most of the way through!

Good Luck on the TRT journey.

Many thanks for the kind words.

After the decade-long-++ road trip through hell, the TRT journey should be a refreshing change.

hCG has fast acting CNS effects for some. Note that there are good things that are transient.

we should be looking at these labs:

  • FT, TT, E2
  • PSA on going
  • CRP, homocysteine
  • fasting cholesterol, glucose, A1C
  • CBC
  • ALT, AST
  • TSH, fT3, fT4
  • AM cortisol, lab work at 8AM
  • DHEA-S
  • IGF-1
  • vit-D25
  • provide blood pressure

Read these stickies

  • protocol for injections [200mg T per week is nuts, maybe 150 based on your weight]
  • thyroid basics, post iodine and body temp data
  • advice for new guys, we need to know more… any meds or other conditions?

Colors became brighter for me…

Welcome to TNATION DE,

Thanks for making my day! Please keep us updated on your progress even if you don’t have anything new to say, just so I can read your post. I haven’t laughed out loud like that in a long time. I guess part of it is because we can relate to you and the rest is like PKNY said, “YOU HAVE WRITING TALENT”. We need more guys like you to help us ‘grumpy old men with low T’ to be able to look at the bright side a little more often.

I agree with KSman, 200mg per week is a lot. It will be interesting,(and fun), to track your journey with you. I learn so much from every post on this site and I pray that your journey will be a great one!


So, I have giving myself my second shot of testosterone. Today was 100 mg. This time I did it in the right deltoid.

About four days into the deal, and like the boards say, I’ve probably experienced a placebo effect. My thought process seems clearer, no more brain fog, got on the treadmill did 45 minutes, even though I’m sick (cold/cough) as a dog.

It’s supposed to take four weeks for six weeks before you see that the effects. Right now, no morning wood. A couple nocturnal erections from the other night – that’s something different for me. The boys seems firmer. Ye Olde Nut O’ Sack tighter. Big O’s (or in my case, little O’s) still the same.

No great different interest in women. I’m hoping for a change in that department.

Summation: Nothing really big. Perhaps some brain fog lifting and an uptick in energy. Perhaps placebo related. Will say sleeping patterns disrupted.

Starting TRT occasionally has a few positives at the start that don’t last. Way back when I tried Androgel I was completely fixed in one day. I felt awesome! Unreal. Well… that was from a transient flood of dopamine that went away after a few days. I had the same thing happen on HCG monotherapy when I tried that. Now after seven years of TRT I have some solid lasting results. It took tweaking my T cyp protocol and adding in some supplements but overall I’m real happy. I’m 40 now and way healthier than I was at 30. Don’t forget to clean up your diet and get a good naturopathic Dr. Both will help you get where you want to be.