First PL Meet

I am going to compete in my first powerlifting event this August. I’m going to follow the Westside System to get myself strong but I’d also like to get down to a lower weight class. My diet is definately in order now that I’ve graduated from college and I’m going to use Hot Roxx and/or it’s newer version should it come out in time. My question is, what tips would give someone in my shoes regarding extra workouts to lose fat that will simultaneosuly help me get stronger? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


To all reading, I met Joe in person at a Westside seminar last month. He really is a great coach as he helped me and others with technique and answered all of our questions. I’d highly recommend his upcoming seminar and video.

Everyone will need to know, what you weigh now, what your goal weight is, and how much body fat you have before helping you out. After you provide us with that info I’m sure you’ll get some good advice.

ditto aaronm

Rob M: You’re shooting for an awful lot at once… your first PL meet, getting stronger and losing fat at the same time. You may want to reconsider. I know newbies get awful excited about these things, and nothing wrong with “stretch” goals, but… Perhaps weight reduction as a primary goal while also building your strength and conditioning base… then transition into a strength phase for a PL meet when you’re near the weight you’d like to compete at. Just my two cents.

Good luck.

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your weight loss will be an aspect of your diet…let your diet do the work…do not do all these extra work outs all it will do is burn you out and if your training for the meet with the effort it truly takes you will need your days off for recovery…here is what you do 1. get a good diet. 2. add in gpp warmups take a look at my log for examples…these will do just fine…training for a meet is very tuff espicially if you know what your doing your dynamic squats can be torture during speed-strength phases and strength-speed phases these are cruel…plus if you havent used gear before you will need ot take a lot of heavy sets in your gear to get ready for the meet…and you will be using you bench shirt on most max eff days wich will push you to over 90% quite a bit…these are the things that are important and get you ready for the meet and doind things on your off days that could mess this stuff up would be reterted espicially if your on a damn diet…and trust me ask these questions to poeple who routinely get ready for meets and compete becuase if you dont compete rgulary and have to go through this the person has no clue…bm

Diet wise try T-dawg.